Friday, May 22, 2020

DOTr, LTO Outlines Penalties for Those Who Don't Follow Proper Health, Safety Guidelines

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) and the Land Transportation Office (LTO) just issued the outline of corresponding penalties for those who fail to observe proper health and safety guidelines during the community quarantine (ECQ or otherwise).

Stated in LTO Memorandum Circular 2020-2185, the DOTr and LTO is imposing the following penalties based on violations and fines in JAO (Joint Administrative Order) 2014-01. These apply to both private and public vehicles.

Non-compliance to sanitary measures (no face mask, going above the allowable number of passengers) = Reckless Driving
  • Fines: First offense: P 2,000, Second offense: P 3,000, Subsequent offense: P 10,000.
  • For public utility vehicles, Breach of Franchise Conditions. Under Art. I Sec. J (5): P 1,000; Under Art. IV, Sec. 25: First offense: P 5,000, Second offense: P 10,000 + impounding of unit for 30 days, Subsequent offense: P 15,000 + cancellation of CPC.
  • Note: even if number of persons is below allowable limit, but not seated in accordance to proper social distancing measures, driver is still liable for Reckless Driving and Breach of Franchise Conditions (for public utility vehicles).
Violation of physical distancing measures = Overloading
  • Fine: P 1,000.
Drivers not classified as Authorized Person Outside Residence (APOR) = Driving without a Valid License
  • Fine: P 3,000.
Lack of Special Permit to Operate (PUVs) = Colorum
  • Fine: Buses: P 1 million, Trucks: P 200,000, Jeepneys: P 50,000, Vans: P 200,000, Sedans: P 120,000, Motorcycles: P 6,000.
For other violations = Appropriate Provisions
  • Fine: P 1,000.


  1. Will this also cover MMDA fines for phisical distancing?

    1. The MMDA MIGHT fine you for these per directive of the DOTr. Best to simply follow them to be sure.

  2. In the reserve seat for PUV or senior, can their caregiver be beside them. Remember, there are no more PAO on board to assist them.

  3. Are you required to wear a mask if only one person is in the car? There is no distinction in the outline.


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