May 9, 2024

Mitsubishi Motors Looks To Thailand As Manufacturing Hub For EVs

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation together with Mitsubishi Motors Thailand, PTT, and Arun Plus have started talks on a potential partnership on a possible collaboration in the “xEV” (battery electric, hybrid electric) business, including local manufacturing in Thailand as well as domestic sales and export.

PTT is a leader in Thailand’s energy industry for many years and Arun Plus is PTT’s flagship EV business. Since Mitsubishi Motors is promoting an electric vehicle strategy, it’s mutually believed that there’s an opportunity for collaboration including electric vehicle production and mobility service business.

Currently, Arun Plus has deals to be the official distributor of Chinese EV brands such as Zeekr and Xpeng as well as the assembler of Horizon Plus with Foxconn (the Foxconn Model E in lead photo).

Takao Kato, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mitsubishi Motors, gave the following comments on the agreement: “Thailand is one of the most important countries for Mitsubishi Motors’ overseas operations, and we have contributed to the development of the Thai economy for more than 60 years through our automotive business in production, sales, and export. Ensuring the success of this collaboration will enable us to maximize the experiences and resources the four companies have. We will make further contributions to Thailand’s economic prosperity and carbon neutrality policy together with PTT.”

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