January 26, 2024

Surprise! Mitsubishi To Unveil Xpander Hybrid And Xpander Cross Hybrid On February 1

Mark your calendars: the Mitsubishi Xpander Hybrid and Xpander Cross Hybrid are set for a global launch this February 1.

Announced by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation last year in connection with their mid-term business plan, both the Xpander MPV and its SUV derivative, the Xpander Cross, are set to get an electrified powertrain option for 2024. The global launch market is Thailand, where the powertrain will take on the name, “e:Motion.”

Not much is known at this time about the Xpander HEV and Xpander Cross HEV, but a post on Mitsubishi Motors Thailand’s Facebook page reveals that it won’t be a mild hybrid anymore. Instead, they are calling the technology a “Full Hybrid.”

If that were true, it will certainly give the Xpander HEV and the Xpander Cross HEV a leg up the competition, namely the Ertiga Hybrid and XL7 Hybrid, which were launched with the Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki or SHVS technology—a form of mild hybrid.

The move of the Xpander and Xpander Cross to a full hybrid setup also somewhat contradicts earlier statements made by Mitsubishi Motors officials who said that they were considering a mild hybrid for their current generation of models before switching over to a full hybrid setup by the next generation.

As for the teaser itself, it looks like the Xpander Hybrid and Xpander Cross Hybrid will gain blue exterior accents to differentiate it from its traditionally-powered siblings.

Are you excited for the Xpander HEV and Xpander Cross HEV?


  1. So the Hybrid is going to be produced in Thailand instead of Indonesia? What is also interesting is that Mitsubishi has never had their own HEV system ever. They only specialized in PHEVs as far as I can remember. I wonder if this HEV system is taken from their alliance with Nissan and Renault, I'm not sure if Mitsubishi has the funds to develop a completely bespoke Hybrid system, especially for a car like this which is focused towards 3rd world or developing regions. Toyota could do it with the ASEAN Yaris Cross because they are much bigger globally.

    1. If you look at both nissan and mitsubishi transmission supplier JatCo. Their product lineup on their has a hybrid transmission in which there's an electic motor sandwiched between the cvt(Chain driven unlike previous Jatco CVTs which are belt driven) and the clutch(it doesn't use a torque converter for the coupling). Mitsubishi will probably use this since e-power is exclusive to nissan and I would not be surprised at all if nissan adapts their E-power system for the Xpanders twin, the Livina.

      Also I don't think toyota would want to license their THS knowing it would hurt Daihatsu right now with all the DNGA fiasco.

  2. I also expect the Avanza/Veloz to get the Yaris Cross's hybrid system soon. I wonder if Mitsu will also transplant this hybrid system to the Xforce.

  3. Will this still retain the 3rd-row? The current platform has not been designed with a full-hybrid system in mind. Where will they put the battery without compromising 7-seat capability? Will it get a 3rd-row like the latest Outlander PHEV that's severely compromised as a result?

  4. If this is a mild hybrid it makes no sense. Mild hybrids with puny batteries doesnt do anything but only adds to the cost, complexity and maintenance. No benefits at all. Not even color coding exempt.

  5. The e:motion suggests it will be a regular hybrid just like the new CR-V (as compared to the mild hybrid Ertiga). If it arrives here and priced well, they'll move even more Xpanders.

  6. What is full hybrid? I guess it's electric that'll be the main motor and the gas motor will be the back up, right?

  7. My guess is that it'll use a detuned e-Power engine sourced from Nissan
    Mitsubishi Xpander is the 4th best selling vehicle in the Philippine market last year

  8. Toyota Veloz and Avanza better get their A-game on or continue to eat dust in the PH market.

  9. Kudos to Mitsubishi for doin this
    segment first in our regional market(Exluding Singapore with the Sienta Hybrid). Not even Toyota/Daihatsu can challenge them by putting the Yaris Cross Hybrid powertrain in the Avanza/Veloz in time for this.

    But please Mitsubishi ad more airbags please.

  10. TC : If it uses a strong hybrid (or even ICE powered hybird) than this becomes a game changer for all competing models in PH.

  11. I've read an article online where Mitsu execs where interviewed about developing their own hybrid system (plugless hybrid). The execs said in that interview while HEVs are "outdated" in other markets like Europe where PHEV is superior, they can make HEV technology work in ASEAN regions. This is ironic because Mitsubishi has almost completely pulled out from Europe even though they make PHEVs and not HEVs. It really seems that Mitsubishi is making their own hybrid system instead of leveraging on their alliance, which is an baffling decision. Maybe the Nissan e-Power is too expensive to retrofit to the Xpander platform, and developing their own hybrid would have been cheaper. Either way, this is interesting news for Mitsubishi's first ever plugless hybrid.

  12. Prioritized 6 airbags, 2 airbags not safe

  13. Not a mitsubishi fan but the more competitors in the hybrid space, the better it is for consumers. The last thing we want is Toyota having a monopoly on hybrids.


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