February 6, 2024

The Omoda 5 EV Is Made For All You LOHAS Believers

It’s confirmed. Omoda and Jaecoo will be launching with not just one but three vehicles at the Manila International Auto Show in April. Aside from the Omoda 5 Turbo and the Jaecoo 7, the brand will also be introducing its first-ever EV, the Omoda 5 EV.

Despite simply being an Omoda 5 with a different front-end, Omoda says their EV is the “E-Future Ranger,” that’s inspired by sci-fi films with robotic dogs and exploratory drones. Hopefully, this future’s more utopian rather than dystopian, but at this point, they’ve been mum on the matter.

Whether you see a nanny state in your future or not, the Omoda 5 EV features an electric drive system with “over 94 percent stable output power.” Its 61-kWh high-capacity lithium-iron phosphate battery, meanwhile, delivers longer range between charges and rapid charging capabilities. Not only is this chemical makeup less prone to spontaneously combusting, but it’s also devoid of the “memory effect” that plagues lithium-ion batteries so people can charge and discharge it all they like (beat that, iPhone).

Speaking of smartphones, inside, the Omoda 5 EV uses the same sort of chips found in smartphones—Qualcomm—for a seamless HMI experience. It has a curved dual screen setup measuring 24.6 inches (so that makes it 12.3 inches x 2) in 2K resolution. It also has 19 advanced intelligent driving assistance functions.

An embodiment of Omoda’s green LOHAS or Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability concept, the Omoda 5 EV is the first of many upcoming new energy models designed specifically to the needs and wants of Gen Z motorists.

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