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January 16, 2024

Omoda & Jaecoo Are Finally Launching In The Philippines This April

It may have been one of the longest teases in Philippine automotive history, but Omoda and Jaecoo are finally launching. The sister brands, collectively known as O&J, will make their local debut at the Manila International Auto Show from April 4 to 7.

Their launch in the local market caps off a strong 2023 where both brands saw strong gains. Omoda alone saw cumulative sales exceeding 147,000 units. As Chery’s global brand, they now turn their attention to Southeast Asian markets such as the Philippines. Meanwhile, for Jaecoo, the brand’s global debut in April last year paved the way for its eventual overseas launch just last September. In that span of time, they’ve made their mark in over a dozen high-growth markets.

At MIAS, Omoda will debut the Omoda 5 and Omoda 5 EV—two vehicles that embrace youthfulness, individuality, and globalization. These two vehicles aim to offer cutting-edge design and future-oriented technology which are ahead of their time.

For Jaecoo, the Jaecoo 7 will be shown first. The urban SUV went through extreme tests such as the scorching desert temperatures reaching 51 degrees in Turpan and Dunhuang in China. It will soon be followed by the Jaecoo 8—a spacious luxury SUV that blends off-road capability with innovation and intelligence.

Omoda and Jaecoo will hold their brand launch at the SMX Convention Center.

Read our first impressions of the Omoda 5 here, or watch our video below.

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  1. This Omoda&Jaecoo distributor is all about mouthshot making issues since Last year that didn't matters. They thought its vehicles are special but Chery copy. They're too late to be noticed. Geely, Chery, MG and GAC are eating bit by bit the Japanese and american cars leftovers in the car market Sales chart. Not even 100 Cars for this will be sold due to its reported Hi selling Price. Chinese cars sale because it's cheap.


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