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January 15, 2024

GWM Sold Over A Million Vehicles In 2023

Great Wall Motor or GWM has achieved remarkable success in 2023, selling 1.23 million units globally, the eighth straight year they’ve managed to breach seven figure sales. Out of that number, roughly 316,018 were exported outside of China, up 82.48 percent from the year before.

With December export sales reaching 33,476 units alone, it marks the fifth straight record month for the Hebei-based carmaker.

These figures are According to GWM, this achievement lies in their expertise in technology and market strategy as well as their forward-thinking approach when it comes to global expansion.

The GWM Tank 500, renowned for its robust engine and off-road capabilities, gained popularity in the Middle East. Building on this success, the high-end GWM Tank 700 sold out in a mere 55 seconds during its November pre-sale. Meanwhile, GWM Ora, the new energy brand, has received acclaim in Europe and South Africa, establishing leadership in specific market segments.

When it comes to their New Energy Vehicles (HEVs, PHEVs, BEVs, FCEVs), GWM has sold over 262,003 units, up 98.74 percent year-on-year.

In March, GWM officially entered the Philippine market through Luxuriant Automotive Group. In June, GWM established a strategic partnership with Inchcape, a major automotive distributor. In July, GWM Holding Group’s FTXT Energy signed a cooperation agreement with Italy’s CNR for hydrogen energy projects, advancing the transformation towards green energy.

GWM also accelerated overseas production with Knock Down (KD) factories in Pakistan, Ecuador, and a new project in Malaysia.

In its 26-year global journey, GWM has prioritized the “One GWM” vision and adopted a “Global Ecosystem” strategy—stemming from continuous exploration, a user-centric approach, win-win collaborations, and a down-to-earth attitude.

This year, GWM will host the 2024 GWM Global Fan Festival to deepen its connections with users and share the year’s achievements and joys.


  1. how many units has gwm philippines sold in 2023?

    1. They're not a member of CAMPI so we don't have any data on that.

  2. Congratulations GWM 👏👏
    Looking forward to the local launch and start of sales of ORA3 in the Philippine market within this year

  3. Uly, will you review the HS crossover and the Cannon pickup?

  4. Sikat pala sa Russia yun Haval,
    2 of their Cars in top 10.

    1. Japanese, korean, western car brands has abandoned russia.

  5. Yup although Chevrolet is still there.


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