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January 13, 2024

eFrancisco Motor Corporation Wants To Develop Hydrogen-Powered Jeepneys

eFrancisco Motor Corporation (formerly known as Francisco Motor Corporation), the original manufacturer of the Philippine jeepney, thinks there’s still some life left in the mass transit icon.

As the PUV Modernization deadline looms near, they unveiled a low-cost option for cooperatives to jump on sustainable mobility last December 2023. The e-jeepney, according to the company, will cost less than P 1-million (P 985,000 to be exact) thanks to its major components—electric motor and battery—all made in the Philippines. These 22-seaters will be made at a facility located in a special economic zone in Camarines Norte.

But wait. eFrancisco Motor isn’t stopping there.

eFrancisco Motor has gone further and has entered a groundbreaking partnership with HDEX, a UK-based community-driven energy exchange to spearhead hydrogen-powered jeepneys.

“We do not see hydrogen as an alternative fuel, rather, it is fuel of the future,” remarked Elmer Francisco, CEO of eFrancisco Motor Corporation.

The partnership with HDEX allows eFrancisco Motors to openly exchange insights, industry expertise, and research on using hydrogen as a fuel.

HDEX is a marketplace for buying and selling hydrogen. Establishing the world’s first hydrogen exchange is crucial to creating a mature and well-functioning hydrogen market, fostering collaboration between industry stakeholders, and contributing to the global transition to a sustainable and low-carbon energy future.

“This partnership marks a significant leap. We are confident that our combined strengths will propel us towards sustainable growth,” said Aron Dutta, Chairman of HDEX.


  1. Vehicles are updated and improved by manufacturers every 2 years on average. Jeepneys remained the same (or even deteriorated) for so is high time to improve the mode of transport of pinoy commuters! We deserve better!

  2. TC : It is time for local manufacturers to design the eJeep with a different form factor. Me thinks the trad jeepney format will not be able to fit the target capacity (22 pax) for Class 1 eJeep. Otherwise it will look out of shape, very tall and long. On propulsion while use of hydrogen maybe future proof but this should be on the side for now. Funds for research should focus on the electrifying it first, then aim to keep cost low. As revenue come in, look for ways to mass produce it with consistent quality. While both forms of propulsion requires buy in from the eJeep drivers, between electricity and hydrogen, the former is easier to source.

  3. I am one of the operator who consolidate in Francisco motor.and want to receive one of the so called electric powered jeep as what you first introduced. I am confused of these hydrogen powered jeep, what is details of these. What is the aspect.

    1. Hydrogen system still a decade away to become mainstream in developed countries, germany, japan, korea. Its very expensive for now. It could become mainstream in 3rd world countries like ours if ever maybe in 2050. So for now dont bother yourself about it, lets see first if francisco ejeep would be viable in our heavy traffic roads or it would be a flop.


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