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January 29, 2024

Volkswagen Philippines Cuts Prices As Much As P333K

Volkswagen Philippines introduces its latest offers with up to three enticing purchase options up to March 31.

With the Volkswagen Grand Offers will let customers own the latest Volkswagen models through affordable down payments, save money with remarkable discounts, or opt for low monthly payments across the Volkswagen Philippines model range.

For the newly launched Volkswagen Tharu, the SE variant is now available with a low down payment of only P 218,000. Customers may opt for a low monthly outlay of P 32,484. Similar payment options are available for the Volkswagen Tharu SEL, too.

For those looking at the Volkswagen T-Cross 180 MPI AT SE, it is readily available with up to P 102,000 in savings. An optional low monthly scheme lets customers drive home the Volkswagen T-Cross SE at P 24,075 a month.

Significant savings await buyers of the Volkswagen Lavida 230 TSI DSG SE. Volkswagen Philippines now offers the compact sedan with up to P 333,000 savings and a net price of P 918,000. A low monthly payment of P 17,963 is also available for the Lavida.

Benefits likewise await Volkswagen Lamando customers with up to P 270,000 savings off its SRP under the Volkswagen Grand Offers promotion. An optional P 24,327 monthly scheme is also available.

Finally, the Volkswagen Cross Santana 180 MPI AT SE is made even more affordable with its limited-time SRP of P 898,000. Alternatively, a monthly payment of P 16,134 is also available for Cross Santana buyers.

All financing offers are based on a 30 to 35 percent down payment with a 60-month term.

“We continually find ways to make our Volkswagen lineup more attainable,” says Volkswagen Philippines Chief Operating Officer Josh Altarejos. “Volkswagen’s Grand Offers lets our customers choose the right vehicle based on their needs and budgets. Our lineup benefits from the signature German engineering and tuning embedded in Volkswagen’s global offerings. Making them accessible to more Filipinos is key to letting them enjoy the satisfaction of driving a solidly built and designed vehicle for their everyday needs,” adds Altarejos.

Volkswagen models are covered by a once-a-year Periodic Maintenance Service (or every 10,000 kilometers, whichever comes first), a Three-Year, or 100,000-kilometer, Vehicle Warranty, and FREE One-Year 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance (ERA) for customers’ peace of mind.

Check out the full list of offers below:
  • Volkswagen Santana
    Discounted SRP: P 878,000
    Financing: P 17,032 low monthly
  • Volkswagen Santana GTS
    Discounted SRP: P 798,000
    Financing: P 14,337 low monthly
  • Volkswagen Cross Santana SE
    Discounted SRP: P 898,000
    Financing: P 16,134 low monthly
  • Volkswagen Lavida SE
    Discounted SRP: P 918,000
    Financing: P 17,963 low monthly
  • Volkswagen Lamando SE
    Discounted SRP: P 1,349,000
    Financing: 24,327 low monthly
  • Volkswagen Lamando SEL
    Discounted SRP: P 1,488,000
    Financing: P 27,903 low monthly
  • Volkswagen T-Cross (MY 2022)
    Discounted SRP: P 1,238,000
    Financing: P 24,075 low monthly
  • Volkswagen T-Cross (MY 2023)
    Discounted SRP: P 1,298,000
    Financing: P 24,075 low monthly
  • Volkswagen Tharu SE
    Discounted SRP: P 1,808,000
    Financing: P 32,484 low monthly
  • Volkswagen Tharu SEL
    Discounted SRP: P 1,945,000
    Financing: P 34,945 low monthly


  1. hoping to see vw ph join mias and showcase their cars and their new releases as they need more publicity

  2. just fix your after sales service, that's the formula!

  3. Most European cars are priced beyond what majority of Filipino car buyers can afford or would even consider especially since many of these European cars are also unreliable and have the worst resale values which are important considerations for most local buyers. Worse, when you try to sell ordinary brand European cars like VW and Peugeot as luxury vehicles at premium prices, you hardly move your stocks and end up giving huge discounts when very few people buy.

    1. They are not European cars. Made in China rebranded as VW.

    2. European brand, but not European made, parts are made in China, still very expensive to maintain considering the availability of parts not easy meaning after sales service somewhat difficult.

  4. I am a fan of the VW brand, and I feel really sad w the situation of VW in the Ph :(

  5. Aftersales issues. Reliable family car though, first family car and so far so good based on experience. Hope to improve after sales and production in many areas.

  6. VW phils is in a sorry state..
    I keep wondering what keeps them afloat. Hardly u see any VW cars on the road. Giving hefty discounts is only half the battle.

    1. The most common VWs I still see are the Mexican made Jettas. Goes to show the Quality and the Engineering that car has and how the Jetta name actually sticks in our market especially with OFWs that are actually familiar with the name.

    2. Those Volkswagen Jettas and Golf Wagons are just dumped in the Philippine market as those are Dieselgate units with cheat emissions devices.
      Those vehicles can't be sold in North America,Mexico and Canada that's why they've sent and dumped it in the Philippine market and sold them at a loss prices as part of disposing those scandal involved vehicles they've produced

  7. VW Phils with decreasing sales yearly, stop your strategy of bringing unknown chinese models in the country. Filipinos can afford luxury and premium brands yung sales ng premium cars halos 1/4 lang VW....VW is not for the masses here in our country that's the reality. Yung santana halos ipamigay na wala pa rin....

  8. The moment someone who thought he/she knows what Pinoys look for in vehicles, and decided that they sell Chinese domestic market vehicles like Lavida and Santa (pang-taxi sa probinsya sa China) and cease selling the marquee models like Golf, Jetta and Polo thinking makuha lang ang Pinoy sa presyo at badge, is the moment VW started its long slow painful decline. Now it's a nobody in the automotive market here, and previously unheard of Chinese brands sells more units than them. Even it's parent company doesn't use these China VW's in their fleet!

    1. Not only that, the Chinese domestic market vehicles they are selling are previous generation old models that look like they are from early year 2000 with early 2000 features. Other than the T-Cross and Tharu which are also overpriced compared to the competition, the rest are not really attractive to buyers despite the price reductions and discounts.

  9. T Cross is a much more reliable and much safer SUV than the DNGA Yaris Cross
    Volkswagen Tharu is miles better and more luxurious than the Corolla Cross

    1. As these are global models with the T-Cross trying to resuscitate the VW brand in the country while the pricing of Tharu comment. They must continue offering global models with competitive pricing...

    2. Thats why t cross and tharu are selling well

    3. Unfortunately these models are not selling well as VW Phils managed only to sell less than 300 units of all their models last year. As long as chinese models are being sourced and offered in our market, VW Phils
      will continue to kill the brand in our country.

  10. Replies
    1. Ain't gonna happen due to pricing issues
      Nobody would buy an Amarok that is priced at 2.8 Million Pesos

  11. Chinese VWs are not worth it.


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