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January 25, 2024

What Models Contributed To Honda Cars PH's Solid 2023?

As we reported earlier, Honda Cars Philippines had a solid 2023, sales-wise. The carmaker reported 16,645 units sold—an increase of 20 percent compared to 2022. But just how did Honda get to that figure? Let’s break it down.

Out of Honda’s 2023 annual sales number, 7,436 or 44.6 percent is down to their Passenger Car or PC range. Meanwhile, the remaining 9,209 or 55.4 percent is because of their Commercial Vehicle or CV range (see how other carmakers fared in this detailed breakdown).

This almost 50-50 split shows us that Honda isn’t just reliant on one vehicle segment to generate its sales. Compared to Toyota, for example, its 200,031-unit sales figure (including Lexus) is impressive, but 72.5 percent of that is down to commercial vehicles. The heavily-skewed CV sales proportion is also prevalent in other major brands such as Mitsubishi (67.4 percent), Nissan (79.19 percent), and Ford (99.04 percent). Even enthusiast-centric brands like Mazda have gone mostly CV (75.25 percent) last year. The only other brand in the Top 10 with a similar split to Honda? Suzuki with 51.27 percent of its total sales contributed by commercial vehicles.

As for Honda’s best-selling model in the Philippines? That would be a commercial vehicle in the form of the Honda BR-V which has sold 6,882 units or 41.35 percent of its sales in 2023. This is followed by two passenger cars, the City Sedan with 3,363 and the Brio with 2,504. Check out the full breakdown below:
  • Honda BR-V – 6,882 units (41.35 percent)
  • Honda City Sedan – 3,363 units (20.2 percent)
  • Honda Brio – 2,504 units (15.04 percent)
  • Honda CR-V – 1,178 units (7.08 percent)*
  • Honda HR-V – 1,149 units (6.90 percent)
  • Honda City Hatchback – 760 units (4.57 percent)
  • Honda Civic – 662 units (3.98 percent)
  • Honda Civic Type R – 147 units (0.88 percent)
    * - includes previous generation CR-V.
One interesting takeaway here is while Toyota may retained its Triple Crown for 2023, Honda did managed to outsell them in one category: the hot hatch segment. The Civic Type R FL5 (one of our Top 5 Picks of 2023) sold 147 units compared to the GR Yaris’ 103 figure. It’s a small win for sure, but it shows that Filipinos seem to gravitate towards the ultimate front-wheel drive performance machine as opposed to the WRC homologated special.


  1. See? B-RV and the honda city, top sellers. The more lame the car, the more it is likely to sell well.

    1. As they are more practical to majority of the buyers. There are not lame models unless you compared those with high performance cars...

    2. Practical, reliable whatever. But its still lame.

  2. Good to see Honda Civic and Civic Type R sold in good numbers last year
    Easier to buy a Civic Type R last year.
    HRV isn't that popular anymore due to HCPI kept on delaying the release of newer stocks of it and the price increases for the low and mid level variants turned off prospective buyers.

    1. HRV is very expensive as well...

    2. Their strategy is to charge CR-V prices on the HR-V and in the process, pulling both even further from reach of buyers.

  3. What is the definition of "commercial vehicle" here? Aren't these all passenger cars?

  4. Honda should finally introduce the Elevate SUV in the Philippines. This model is a cross between the HRV and BRV.

    1. Aside from CR-V, HR-V and BR-V, Honda should Introduce ZR-V to compete vs Corolla Cross; Elevate to compete vs Yaris Cross; and WR-V to compete against vs Raize


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