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January 31, 2024

Is The First-Ever 2025 Mazda CX-70 A Lazy Design Job Or Built For Market Success?

Mazda has unveiled the third member of its Large Product Group—the first-ever 2025 Mazda CX-70. And your eyes aren’t deceiving you—it’s basically the CX-90 with the rear seats removed.

Turning the three-row CX-90 into a two-row SUV, slapping on a new bumpers and badge, and calling it all-new or first-ever may seem like a lazy move on Mazda’s part, but it makes a whole lot of business sense. Honda’s done it with the Passport and Pilot, while Toyota’s done the opposite with the Highlander and Grand Highlander (those, however, have different body dimensions).

No dimensions were revealed at its global launch, but the CX-70 is identical to the CX-90 (save a few millimeters because of the new bumpers). As such, Mazda promises that the CX-70 “focuses on generous cabin and cargo space” while retaining “emphasis on superb driving dynamics, and elegant yet sporty design cues.”

Under the hood of the CX-70 is the 3.3-liter e-Skyactiv-G inline-6 engine also found in the CX-90. Expect it to run on the same sort of power and torque with up to 340 horsepower and 502 Nm of torque (284 horsepower and 450 Nm if it uses the same tune as the CX-60). For select markets, the diesel 3.3-liter e-Skyactiv-G will also be offered and this one makes 254 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque. In both cases, the 48-volt M-Hybrid Boost comes standard. A plug-in hybrid option will also be made available.

Mazda’s unique torque converter-less 8-speed automatic comes mated to all powertrains driving the rear-biased all-wheel drive system.

While the CX-70 shares its body panels with the CX-90, designers have made efforts to reduce its height, visually. This was done using lots of contrasting black accents throughout the exterior and a new design for its 21-inch black metal and machine cut alloy wheels.

Inside, the CX-70 continues to push boundaries when it comes to color palette. The high-quality materials and finishes, now a Mazda tenet, comes with the option of red Nappa leather. Together with the red stitch detailing found around the cabin, it’s said to be inspired by Mazda’s 100th Anniversary Edition models.

New features include remote-folding rear seats which creates a flat floor extending to the hatch as well as three underfloor storage compartments (where the third row in the CX-90 was) to keep personal items and gear away from prying eyes.

For safety, the CX-70 adds a new Trailer Hitch View to its 360-degree camera. There’s also a new addition to its Cruising & Traffic Support system: Unresponsive Driver Support. In addition to monitoring uncontrolled driving, CTS Unresponsive Driver Support alerts the driver in stages if it detects closed eyes or distraction, and if the driver is still not confirmed to be engaged, the system will slow the vehicle down and stop where necessary to reduce damage in the event of an accident.


  1. Mazda is running out of car development budget and ideas
    Americans ain't easily buying this one though as they didn't like the transmissions used in the CX-60 and CX-90..They'd rather buy the Toyota Highlander,Chevrolet Traverse,GMC Acadia and Ford Explorer instead.

    1. Ford Explorer which does not exude any form of elegance nor driving dynamics.

      I'd choose CX-90 in a heartbeat.

    2. LOL Traverse, Acadia and Explorer? Hard pass.

  2. I hate posh Mazda so much it's unreal.

  3. it's not quite the same with the Pilot and Passport, at least for Honda, the Passport is actually a bit shorter in length, and designed to be the more rugged version of the Pilot. This one as you said basically just removed the rear seats :P

  4. Motortrend 2023 most dissapointing car. With the cx70 almost identical maybe the same can be said.

  5. An unexpected move from Mazda, but not in a good way. They should have just called this another trim level of the cx-90. Defeats the purpose of moving the cx-90 upmarket if something that looks the same but costs less is available. Maybe intended for the cx-9 crowd who don’t want to move up to the cx-90?

  6. Another addition to the ever the same looking mazdas..
    From mazda 2 to mazda cx9 and everything else in between..

  7. Breaking news! Mazda releases a new model called the cx55. It is identical to the cx5 with only 3 wheels. Mazda you can do better. This is lazy plus with all the PR speil they are doing it is pathetic. They make the consumers look stupid


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