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January 24, 2024

Which Models Drove Toyota PH Sales Past 200K In 2023?

Despite the increased competitiveness of the Philippine automotive industry, Toyota Motor Philippines managed to secure an all-time high sales record last year by selling 200,031 units. This helped them maintain their so-called Triple Crown of being the best-selling brand overall as well as best-selling passenger car brand and best-selling commercial vehicle brand.

But just how were they able to manage that feat?

We know that the 200,031-unit sales reported by Toyota includes Lexus. But now, we’ve managed to get a detailed breakdown of just how Toyota alone was able to move 198,188 units:
  1. Toyota Vios – 37,971 (19.16 percent)
  2. Toyota Hilux – 25,958 (13.1 percent)
  3. Toyota Raize – 17,504 (8.83 percent)
  4. Toyota Innova – 16,728 (8.44 percent)
  5. Toyota Hiace – 15,017 (7.58 percent)
  6. Toyota Wigo – 14,676 (7.41 percent)
  7. Toyota Fortuner – 13,971 (7.05 percent)
  8. Toyota Veloz – 13,672 (6.9 percent)
  9. Toyota Avanza – 13,458 (6.79 percent)
  10. Toyota Rush – 9,437 (4.76 percent)
  11. Toyota Yaris Cross – 5,353 (2.7 percent)
  12. Toyota Lite Ace – 3,976 (2.01 percent)
  13. Toyota Corolla Cross – 3,366 (1.7 percent)
  14. Toyota Land Cruiser (Prado and LC300) – 2,199 (1.11 percent)
  15. Toyota Zenix – 1,629 (0.82 percent)
  16. Toyota Corolla Altis – 951 (0.48 percent)
  17. Toyota Camry – 690 (0.35 percent)
  18. Toyota Alphard – 618 (0.31 percent)
  19. Toyota RAV4 – 577 (0.29 percent)
  20. Toyota Coaster – 161 (0.08 percent)
  21. Toyota GR Yaris – 103 (0.05 percent)
  22. Toyota GR 86 – 92 (0.05 percent)
  23. Toyota FJ Cruiser – 68 (0.03 percent)
  24. Toyota GR Supra – 13 (0.01 percent)
As you can see, the Vios remains the most important nameplate for Toyota, selling 37,971 units or 19.16 percent of total sales. The Hilux, Raize, Innova, and Hice completes the Top 5. If the Vios were a car brand, it would have easily overtaken Ford and its 31,320 units sold for the third best-selling brand in the country!

The Hilux remains the best-selling pickup truck in the country thanks to its 25,958-unit sales last year. Putting that into perspective, it has managed to outsell the entire Nissan commercial vehicle line-up which includes the Navara, Terra, Patrol, and Urvan (21,489 units)!

Remarkably, the Toyota Raize and Yaris Cross proved to be a formidable one-two punch in counteracting the rise of Chinese brands in the Philippines. 

The Raize and its 17,504-unit figure alone is enough to beat out the combined sales of the major Chinese brands—Geely, Chery, Foton, and GAC Motor (12,395 units combined total). Meanwhile, the Yaris Cross, which was just launched in August is now averaging 1,338 units monthly. If this trend continues, expect the Yaris Cross to reach an impressive 16,059 units in 2024.

Toyota Motor Philippines Chairman Alfred Ty also revealed that they have managed to increase the representation of electrified vehicles in their line-up last year from 1.2 percent to 3.6 percent. This means that out of the 200,031 units sold by Toyota, around 6,000 of them are either gasoline-electric hybrids or pure battery electric vehicles.

This 2024, Ty also has confirmed that they will launch the next-generation Tamaraw and it will be manufactured at the Santa Rosa, Laguna assembly plant joining the Innova and Vios as a locally assembled nameplate.


  1. TC : I noted that related models with different names like Avanza and Veloz combined is 27,000+ units while Innova & Zenix totals 18,000+. To me, market wise, that is 2nd and 3rd place.

    1. the diesel innova is still preferred. This proves that reliability and regidity beats the looks of the zenix.

  2. usually, the more lame the car, the better it is at selling.

    1. Because most people are actually great at what they do and don't need a flashy car to overcompensate.

    2. Then why lame china cars dont sell well?

    3. as most buyers focus more on practicality and reliability for there hard earned money...when you say "lame" you must compare it a specific brand or the end of the day car companies are looking for sales and profit...

  3. Toyota Zenix is a flop!
    Looks like TMPC will continue to produce the Innova for another 3 to 5 years
    Sales of Raize is gonna go down as people already discovered that its not that great when it comes to refinement,quality,comfort,power and safety.
    TMPC should finally start the local production and sales of AC100 Vios Sedan.

    1. 2024 raize will be no. 2, competitors sales has been demolished and razed to the ground. Raize powerful turbo, 6 airbags, blindspot monitor, front and back sensors, reverse camera, 9 inch touchscreen with apple car play and android auto, LED lights. The best talaga raize kaya selling well(not 5 units a month).

    2. TMPC will continue to produce and update/facelift the 3rd generation Vios NSP150. TMPC is focusing more in retooling and updating the manufacturing setup to locally manufacture the Tamaraw.

    3. Toyota Raize is just fine for its price. It's unmistakably toyota for being medyo matagtag haha and the power delivery when accelerating is somehow lacking as you'll hear the 1.2 engine roar. Anyway, it serves it purpose, can be a service car and possibly for out of town trips. But for me, raize is my buddy going to school.

      As for competition, if the Mitsu's XFC is within the same segment and price range as this one, I would choose Mitsubishi.

  4. I'm just sad that Toyota Ph is not selling a lot of global models. Mostly are 3rd world country models and rebranded Daihatsu models are selling well.

    1. TMPC only cares about fleet sales and volume sales even if the Toyota vehicles made in Indonesia their selling are outdated,unrefined,poorly built,underpowered and unsafe.

    2. Anony 7:34am your just jealous of tmpc success. buy a landcruiser if you can afford.

    3. even if toyota is selling rebadged models, they are selling well because for the majority of the car buyers these are still toyota and they believe with the brand's quality and reliability...

  5. Mitsubishi Xpander and Mirage G4 outsold both the DNGA Raize and Avanza/Veloz by huge margins!

  6. Bring in the toyota CHR!

  7. People are choosing the Innova over the Zenix. Also they are buying the Veloz instead of the Altis or Cross. The Yaris Cross also looks like a niche product coz the Veloz has better value.

  8. Surprised to find Camry is selling better than RAV4. Who would have thought? I really feel that the latter nameplate has been neglected in PH/Asia, when compared to other markets. It used to be both desirable and attainable. Now it’s just an expensive niche product.

  9. where were you guys able to get the info on toyota sales breakdown? im curious if previous years sales breakdowns can be published aswell


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