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January 12, 2024

Toyota Shows Enhanced 2024 GR Yaris With 304 Horsepower, 8-speed AT

Toyota Gazoo Racing pulled the wraps off an evolved version of its hot hatch, the GR Yaris, for 2024. Sporting more power than ever before, it comes with exterior and interior upgrades as well as the option of an automatic transmission as well.

Based on inputs of current GR Yaris customers, Toyota has fitted a new 8-speed Gazoo Racing Direct Automatic Transmission developed with the help of motorsports. It uses a heat-resistant friction material in the gear-shift clutch, while the use of close-ratio gears makes the most out of the engine’s power band. The 8-speed automatic can be paired with a Torsen-type LSD too.

The cockpit has also been revised. Now tilted 15 degrees towards the driver, it enhances visibility and operability. The driving position has been lowered by 25 mm. The shift lever has been raised 75 mm (compared to the Yaris equipped with the CVT) and the hand brake now placed in a vertical orientation. Also, forward visibility has been expanded by moving the rearview mirror to the top of the windshield and lowering the upper edge of the center cluster by 50 mm. The driver receives a 12.3-inch full-color TFT gauge display.

Under the hood, the 1.6-liter 3-cylinder turbocharged engine features uprated power and torque. From 272 horsepower, the evolved GR Yaris now makes 304 horsepower. Torque has been increased from 370 Nm to an even 400 Nm.

In addition to the conventional 4WD mode selection function, the GR Yaris now has a new drive mode selection function. The electronic power steering, air conditioning, and powertrain can be set according to user preference and the characteristics of the motorsport in which the car is to be used.

A new “Circuit Mode” can further unlock the potential of the GR Yaris. Activated by the use of GPS location (it can’t be used on public roads), it removes the speed limiter while also introducing anti-lag control. 

Outside, the 2024 GR Yaris has a new lower grille with a steel mesh. The sides of the lower part of the bumper are now made of a separate structure making repair work easier than ever. The side lower grilles also have a new, larger opening for optimized cooling performance. Furthermore, the bumpers now have outlets to extract heat from the automatic transmission fluid cooler and sub-radiator.

At the back, an opening at the lower edge of the rear lower garnish allows air from under the floor to escape, reducing aerodynamic drag and improving maneuverability and stability, as well as exhausting heat from the muffler.

The upper and lower rear lamps have been consolidated to avoid damage and improve visibility. Also, the high-mount stop lamp has been separated from the rear spoiler, increasing the spoiler’s customizability. Additionally, the continuous tail lamps provide a sense of unity and express the individuality that makes the new GR Yaris instantly recognizable.

Underneath, the GR Yaris benefits from a more rigid body structure. The number of bolts fastening the body to the shock absorbers has been increased from one to three to suppress alignment changes during driving. The spot weld points have been increased 13 percent, while the areas covered by the structural adhesive is now up 24 percent.

The 2024 Toyota GR Yaris goes on sale in Japan first by the first half of the year.


  1. Great! Nice move Totoya! A yaris GR that is accessible for noobs!

  2. I do hope this is the "ZF 8 speed" moment for Aisin/Toyota. We haven't seen a FWD Torque Converter, Planetary Geared automatic transmission that is as quick as the RWD ZF 8HP that's now used on so many vehicles. That ZF transmission was so good that BMW had to drop their DCTs in most of their M cars, which resulted in being VW(Audi, Porsche) the sole remaining german manufacturer of mass production cars to use DCTs in RWD applications. Most of the DCT's now are relegated to FWD or FWD base AWD systems.


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