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January 11, 2024

Want A Wilderness Edition Of The Subaru Forester? It's Happening

Not a fan of the GT Edition family? No worries. Motor Image and Subaru is giving the Forester the Wilderness treatment as well. This was revealed no less by Glenn Tan, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of Tan Chong International, the parent company of Motor Image, the distributor of Subaru at the Singapore Motor Show.

Tan revealed that the decision has been spurred to give customers the power of choice. 

While the GT Edition appeals to buyers who want a bit more “street style,” he also understands that there’s a market for off-road centric setups, particularly with the Forester. This is where the upcoming Forester Wilderness will come in.

Tan has said that the so-called Forester WOW GT Edition will cater to off-road and outdoor enthusiasts. It will be launched within the year and will serve as the current-generation Forester’s “swansong.” Tan continues that with the next-generation Forester going a more rugged SUV look, it makes sense for them to align the current model just before sales end as to “introduce the all-new model’s new design direction.”

The Forester WOW GT Edition will be designed and engineered by Motor Image, but will take a page straight off the North American Forester Wilderness model. 

Aside from the GT Edition body kit, the WOW GT Edition will have more aggressive all-terrain tires, revised aesthetics inside and out, and more. 

In North America, the Forester Wilderness has a raised ground clearance, chunky all-terrain tires, and revised aesthetics including larger wheel cladding, added skid plates, and more.


  1. Uly, will the engine be upgraded to the 2.5Li variant at the same time?

  2. Why not offer the WOW GT Edition on the next-gen model instead?


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