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January 22, 2024

Mazda6 Japan Discontinuation Will Not Affect Philippine Allocation

Big news out of Japan is Mazda’s announcement that they will discontinue the production of the Mazda6 for the Japanese domestic market by mid-April 2024. We reached out to Mazda Philippines if this has any impact on their executive wagon.

Before we get to their official announcement, Mazda says the role of the Mazda6 in their line-up will be replaced not by a new rumored rear-wheel drive sports sedan, but by the new CX series of crossovers instead. They will, as the brand says, “continue to deliver a lively experience through driving pleasure that is in tune with the times.”

In Japan alone, the Mazda6, previously known as the Atenza, sold well. Cumulatively, throughout its three generations, they managed to move a total of 226,437 units so far (as of December 2023). They even celebrated the 20th anniversary of the marque with a special edition variant.

Now, with regards to the Mazda6’s position in the Philippines, Mazda Philippines President and CEO Steven Tan had this to say: “The recent announcement of the discontinuation of the Mazda6 applies to Japan. In the Philippines, only the Sportwagon body is offered, with the 20th Anniversary Limited Edition for the 2024 model year, available in both Artisan Red and Rhodium White. Mazda allocated 21 Mazda6 for 2023 production for the Philippine market. Out of this number, 13 have already been delivered to customers with the remaining numbers either in company or dealer stock.”

Previously, Mazda Philippines said that they will bring in a total of 40 Mazda6 20th Anniversary Edition models into the country. Considering this piece of news, there will be at least 19 more units available for 2024 production.

Like the CX-8, the Mazda6 will continue to stay on Mazda Philippines’ official line-up, at least for the foreseeable future.


  1. No chance for PH to bring back the 2.5G turbo Sedan? Thats the closest thing to a Mazdaspeed PH can have.

  2. Mazda 6,CX8 and CX9 are all axed as part of Mazda streamling its product lineup
    Won't be surprised if Mazda 3 and CX3 are next in line to be axed
    Mazda 6's successor is likely be similar to the new generation Peugeot 408 which is a long sporty hatchback like SUV.

    1. Ewww if that's the case. Mazda has the chance to fill up the enthusiast daily driver Subaru left. I guess I'll just make my own owner type jeep then.

    2. I don't if Mazda is still producing CX9 sa Japan factories nila.
      For the North America, CX9 is being phased-out.
      Australia will follow suit.
      Interestingly, when I visited Mazda Alabang, they said na marami pa available units ng CX9.
      Ang out-of-stock ngayon ay CX60 and CX90 (with minimum two month waiting list)

  3. I don't understand the local dealer here.

    You mean to tell me they have excess MY23 then still loaded up on 40 anniv models while I practically have to get on my knees to buy a soul red Mazda 3???

  4. Looks like Mazda is cleaning its inventory of the 6 and CX8 and maybe the CX9 too, hopefully it will lessen its price also.


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