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June 22, 2012

Ford Philippines Upgrades Explorer 3.5 V6

Photo courtesy of Ford Press
Continuing to raise the bar on customer expectations for a modern, capable, fuel-efficient SUV, Ford Philippines today launched the all-new 3.5L Ford Explorer Limited with deliveries beginning next month.

The all-new 3.5L Ford Explorer Limited features additional segment-first technologies that include Active Park Assist, Lane Keeping Technology, Blind Sport Information System and Adaptive Cruise Control.

The additional smart technologies featured in the all-new 3.5L Explorer Limited help further expand customer choice in the popular all-new Explorer line-up. The all-new Explorer was launched last October, followed by the reveal of the 2.0L Explorer GTDi with EcoBoost technology in March at Manila International Auto Show.
"The demand for the all-new Explorer has been extraordinary – now with additional segment-first smart technologies such as Active Park Assist, we are confident that its position as one of the clear segment leaders in the Philippines," said Randy Krieger, president, Ford Group Philippines.

Segment-first Technology

From technologies that make driving easier to innovations that make the in-car experience more intuitive, the all-new 3.5L Explorer Limited is equipped with even more features that set it apart from the competition. Key new features include:

  • Active Park Assist: The Explorer’s EPAS-enabled Active Park Assist technology gives drivers peace of mind when parallel parking. Once activated, the system scans for a suitable spot, calculates the trajectory and steers the vehicle. The driver continues to control brake and throttle inputs, while the system steers the vehicle throughout the parking maneuver.
  • Lane Keeping Technology: The technology’s Driver Alert System monitors the vehicle’s lane position and can notify a driver of signs of inattentiveness with a coffee cup warning light that appears on the dashboard instrument cluster. The Lane Keeping Alert function warns the driver by vibrating the steering wheel and sounding a warning chime, while the Lane Keeping Aid function warns the driver by applying torque at the steering wheel to direct the vehicle back into the lane.
  • Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®): This sensor-based system displays an orange alert in the side mirror when a vehicle is detected entering a blind spot. Cross-traffic alert gives a warning if traffic is detected approaching from the sides, such as when the Explorer is reversing out of a parking space.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: This feature helps the Explorer maintain a safe distance to other vehicles. If the system detects that the SUV is moving too close to the vehicle in front, it decelerates automatically to maintain the pre-set distance. Once the road is clear again, it will then accelerate back to the chosen cruising speed. It has an additional Collision Mitigation by Braking function that automatically supplies additional brake pressure if a potential collision is detected.

Additionally, the new 3.5L Explorer Limited is upgraded with features such as Rain-Sensing Wipers, HID Headlamps and a Power Tilt/Telescoping Steering Column.

The all-new 3.5L Explorer Limited also features the world’s-first inflatable second-row seatbelts, which the all-new Explorer 2.0L GTDi  XLT with EcoBoost is also equipped with.

The all-new 3.5L Explorer Limited will be available in July at PhP 2,595,000. Ford will also begin deliveries of the all-new Explorer 2.0L GTDi XLT with EcoBoost to customers in July.


  1. all these are nice. I was one of the very best first who baught the Ford Explorer limited edition last december. Sad to say, I cant even use the navigation tool. The guys in Ford kept on telling me there is still no edition for the philippines. Even the cheaper cars (brands) have this technology already. I wish Ford Philippines could resolve this. But I am happy with my car!! :)

  2. from Halogen to HID

  3. I am seriously considering to buy this car. Hope I will not be disappointed. Any comments will be highly appreciated.


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