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October 22, 2012

Volvo Now Offering Polestar Performance Package on Selected Models

Volvo Philippines goes full throttle as it now offers performance tuning for late-model Volvo gasoline and diesel turbocharged engines. The tuning is not limited to any single car and this makes the power boost available for a wide variety of old and new Volvos. Volvo works closely with its official motorsports partner, Polestar, and its team of engineers who have run Volvo official motorsport since 1996. Together, they developed the technology to ensure exhilarating driving wrapped in world-renowned Volvo safety.

The optimization consists of a software upgrade that your Volvo workshop installs. It’s a quick installation which can easily be done while your car is in for a service or tire change. With this power-up, your Volvo gets as much as 329hp and 480Nm of torque. That’s enhanced driving experience and an extra power reserve when you need it.

With the Polestar package, you are assured that the factory warranty remains intact, without any alterations to the service schedule. With an optimized engine, you will experience enhanced performance, especially in the mid-range where the added performance is most useful – for example when overtaking.

Polestar power optimization affects neither the car’s certified fuel consumption nor emissions during normal driving. Your car still follows the original Volvo service schedule as well because all the changes Polestar make are tested and verified not to stress any component beyond its performance limits.

The Polestar upgrade is available for only PhP50, 000.00 that is relatively lower than even the $1,295 and $1,495 tags in the competitive U.S. market. The upgrade, which comes with a badge to prove it, is likely to increase the resale value of your car and everyone is encouraged to register on to receive a product certificate that verifies that your car has been optimized by Polestar.

Volvo is a high quality car built with advanced engineering, solid components and with focus on safety and reliability. This makes Volvo the perfect starting point for performance enhancements. When Polestar’s R&D team develops a new product, they consider the precise limits of what each and every component is designed to handle. Since your Volvo is a very strong and well-built car, you can safely get more out of it without risking negative side effects. Optimizing your Volvo will just make it feel better.

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