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November 5, 2020

3M Introduces New Auto Care Products

3M, the global science company known for its cutting-edge automotive solutions, today launched its latest range of auto care products for the Philippines market that will be exclusively sold at the 3M Auto Flagship Store in LazMall (check it out here).

Through these products, 3M brings the latest innovation and scientific development in the automotive industry straight to the hands of auto enthusiasts to help them economically preserve the aesthetics of their vehicles with professional grade products. 

“Many Filipinos are more inclined to prolonging the lifespan of many big-ticket items like their vehicles, as a way of optimizing their investments. 3M understands this, and that is why we continue to develop products that allow owners to easily maintain the aesthetics of their vehicles while delivering exceptional results,” shared Martin Del Rosario of 3M Philippines’ Automotive Aftermarket Division.

Del Rosario also added that with the pandemic affecting many lives and businesses, it is the perfect time to bring products that allow car owners to restore their own vehicles without visiting auto shops during the pandemic—allowing owners not only save time and money, but eases off the worry of contracting the virus along the way.

Simple and effective, 3M’s latest products demonstrate how the company applies science to recapture the excitement and value of one’s vehicles.

Not enough time for a thorough auto aftercare session? With 3M Wash & Wax 2-in-1 Formula, car owners can save time, money, and energy by combining washing and waxing in one easy step.

Get that instant shine every single time with 3M Spray Wax. This innovative formula enhances the car’s gloss in a snap and acts as barrier for soil and other stains making your next car washes so much easier. 

The gentle formula of 3M Tire Dressing makes restoring one’s tires as easy as it can be. To achieve that black and shiny satin finish, all you have to do is spray and wipe.

3M Leather & Vinyl Restorer allows car owners to maintain their car interiors easily. With its pH neutral formula, this product prevents consoles and leather seats from drying and cracking without leaving oily or sticky residues.

As if the products are not convenient enough, 3M Auto recently launched its LazMall Flagship Store, making their products more accessible to car owners. Apart from their latest products that are exclusively sold online, the store is a car owner’s paradise as it carries various auto care products, wipers, mats, and soon enough, tinting services as well. 

Follow 3M Auto’s Flagship store now until December 31, 2020 to instantly get a P 200 voucher with a minimum spend of P 1,500.

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