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November 13, 2020

Watch Honda Tease the All-New 2022 Civic

Mark your calendars: the global debut of the all-new, eleventh-generation Honda Civic is set for November 17.

The 2022 Civic will make its debut on Twitch, yes, the streaming platform associated with video games and e-sports. Honda says it’s officially a “Prototype,” which in their corporate parlance, means it’s a design concept that closely mirrors the production version.

Honda’s all-new compact sedan will gain a design that closely mirrors the current Honda Accord/City with its flatter nose, wider headlights, and thinner taillights. In the teasers shown, the Civic Prototype has a high-gloss black grille, gloss-black wheels, integrated lip spoiler, and exposed dual exhausts (a likely sign of the future Civic RS?)

As for engines, not much is known about powertrain options, but it’s likely to continue with the current generation of powertrains. Honda has so far confirmed that it’ll offer the Civic with a family of four-cylinder engines in varying stages of power, including a brand-new Type R.

Are you excited for the all-new 2022 Civic? 

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