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November 10, 2020

7 Ways the 2021 Nissan Navara Levels Up the Pickup Truck Segment

The Asia-Pacific region has become a very important truck market for Nissan. With two out of every five cars sold in Thailand, and one out of every five cars sold in Australia a pickup truck, the refreshed Navara has its work cut out for it. However, with 80 years of truck history behind them, Nissan is confident that their refreshed pickup truck won’t just fulfill the requirement of demanding off-roaders, but can also be a smart and stylish companion whatever the journey.

Here’s a low-down of what you can expect with the 2021 Navara:

#1. Drive Like a Boss

Driving the Navara is like having a trusted guide who looks out for you during a hard ascent to conquer peaks. Featuring Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, it automatically monitors two vehicles ahead, and the one directly in front – reducing multi-car accident risk. It also has an Intelligent Emergency Braking system, designed to automatically brake to not only avoid collisions, but also to protect against whiplash.

Meanwhile the Intelligent Around View Monitor (Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection) utilizes four mounted cameras to assist you to see any obstacles surrounding the vehicle. If you are backing into a tight parking spot this monitor makes you look like a pro by giving you multiple views, including a complete birdseye-view of your car, and sound alerts to confirm your movement.

For the first time the system also features an off-road monitor, made to confirm surrounding obstacles at low speeds when in four-wheel drive, empowering you to take on the toughest terrains.

#2. Your Car Knows You Better Than You Do

During long road trips with family and friends, or after a long day at work, the Navara’s Intelligent Driver Alertness will prompt you to take breaks when changes in your driving style or steering behavior are detected. 

It also has more tricks up its sleeve; Lane Departure Warning, which will warn you if you begin to stray outside of your lane without signaling, and Intelligent Lane Intervention to bring the vehicle back to the center of the lane if the movement continues.

#3. Missing the Premium Flying Experience?

It may be some time before you travel internationally, but you can still scratch that wanderlust itch! The Navara is perfect for road trips. It is fitted with sound deadening insulation and laminated windshield and front windows to significantly improve quietness. The rear seats have become even more comfortable for passengers, with upgrades to the seat cushions and back shapes. Families and friends sitting in the back will also have the new rear armrest, with built-in cup holders to store beverages or smartphones.

Then to make sure entertainment is covered, the pickup is now equipped with a new Nissan Connect Infotainment system. This system allows seamless connection via their smartphone to the pickup and enable convenient features such as Bluetooth streaming audio, voice recognition, and navigation. The Navara also carries a generation USB Port (Type C) in the console, and multiple USB ports throughout the vehicle to charge devices and ensure continued connectivity.

#4. Tech That’s Smart

The Navara also comes with automatic safety and convenience features such as a rain-sensing wiper with wiping speed adjustment, letting you keep both hands on the wheel without having to worry about decreased visibility, and a speed-sensing door lock that switches on as soon as vehicle speed exceeds 25 km/h for enhanced security.

Finally, the Rear Cross Traffic Alert reduces the stress that comes with limited visibility when backing out of a parking spot. The function monitors the rear of the vehicle and warning the driver if another vehicle or object is approaching from either side.

#5. Best Face Forward

What is a car, if not drool-worthy? Elevating the pickup’s rugged character is the introduction of the PRO-4X grade – a first for the Navara nameplate. PRO-4X offers an even more impressive, eye-catching style to appeal to extreme adventure lovers who crave an escape from the daily routine.

The newly introduced PRO-4X grade comes with its own distinctive, athletic look with a black Nissan emblem, a black front bumper and black grille, door handles, roof racks and running boards accented by 17-inch black wheels and all terrain tires. The PRO-4X line also uses a signature orange-red color for the Nissan wordmark on the black emblem, as well as other orange-red accents inside and outside the car. Even cooler - the tint used is inspired by the color of magma.

#6. Works Harder, So You Don’t Have To

Just because you enjoy challenges, doesn’t mean you have to do them by yourself. The Navara takes care of it. A strengthened rear axle and additional truck bed volume make the vehicle the ultimate worksite partner, ready to take on more challenges while still offering optimal room and comfort. An integrated step in the new rear bumper makes bed access easier and reduces fatigue caused by repeated loading and unloading. 

Additionally, the bed is equipped with a flap-type, tie-down hook to secure both large and small objects, making it easier for loading and unloading without interference.

#7. Puts the Capital T in Tough

For pickup customers, one of the most essential qualities is payload, and the Navara now delivers best-in-class payload capacity up to 1.1 metric tons.

When in four-wheel drive mode, the Navara activates its Active Brake Limited Slip Differential system (ABLS), which manages power delivery and wheel braking between the front and rear axles and between the left and right of the vehicle, depending on traction and speed, thereby enabling a steady and comfortable driving experience. Working with the Vehicle Dynamic Control system (VDC) and ABS brakes, this system enables drivers to be more confident and feel secure when towing large payloads and driving through muddy terrain with less acceleration and brake operation.

Also available is Trailer Sway Control system helps the vehicle to maintain stability on the road when towing a trailer.

The Navara will be available in eight exterior colors, with two new colors (Orange Brown and a new shade of gray, developed for the PRO-4X grade). With a suite of dynamic technology to suit various lifestyles, the Navara shows that tough can be stylish and most of all, smart.

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