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November 4, 2020

Club Xpander Philippines Celebrates Second Anniversary

When something grows from a mere dream into a popular hit, then there must be something good. Such is the case with the Mitsubishi Xpander. The very popular and highly successful next-generation MPV from Mitsubishi Motor Philippines Corporation has exceeded expectations. 

With over 40,000 examples sold since its May 2018 introduction in the country, it has become a ubiquitous presence on Philippine roads in part due in large part to its highly loyal and overly active fan base. 

As MMPC’s overall best-selling nameplate in the last three years, the Mitsubishi Xpander fulfils the needs of its intended market. Moreover, it has also brought together a diverse group of owners that appreciate its ruggedness, versatile roominess, distinct character, outstanding convenience, standout style, and extensive functionality. No other band epitomizes the Xpander owner more than Club Xpander Philippines (CXP).

As a 7-seat MPV, the Mitsubishi Xpander slots in perfectly for a large segment of the Philippine car-buying market. This is no more clearly seen than in the membership of CXP. Established in late September 2018 by Jimmy Virador, CXP has become a melting pot for the young and old, the hardworking professionals and the businessmen, and most especially the growing families who see the car as an essential part of their lives.

Two years ago, CXP was merely a small group of 5 Mitsubishi Xpander owners who met at a grocery parking lot. Motivated by each other’s enthusiasm for their rides, Jimmy and the founders of the club made it their mission to bring together Xpander owners so that they may share their ownership experiences, and promote friendship and camaraderie as one happy family.

“The primary objective of the group is to have a quality and well documented Xpander club,” shares Jimmy. And in two years, this calling has resonated well with the club’s more than 2,100 active members. With the help of social media, CXP has become a point of congregation for Mitsubishi Xpander owners who are committed to sharing ideas and educating each other.

“Every member has his own story to tell on how convenient and comfortable the Xpander is to drive,” shares Jimmy. He adds, “The looks, the performance, the efficiency and the beauty of the Xpander are just some of the reasons why our members purchased this vehicle.” And two years on, the club and its members have proven that they can come together to create more bonding moments beyond the mere appreciation of their rides.

“We had our first Subic fun run last February of 2019 then it was followed by the Tagaytay Charity Fun Run where we donated school supplies to our chosen charity,” recalls the telecoms executive. The club’s Chairman of the Board adds, “CXP also cares. That is why we also donated goods after the recent Mt. Taal volcano eruption.” Guided by its very own slogan, “One CXP, One Family”, the club promotes the very best values of family and friendship. And its activities reflect these values to the tee.

After its second anniversary celebration just last October 17, the club is looking forward to more activities that not only will enrich the knowledge of its members about their vehicles, but also uplift their spirits during these trying times. “To kick off, we are planning to treat selected members to a plant tour at MMPC. There are also plans of creating an event this coming holiday season where we will be giving gifts to unfortunate children of our chosen charity,” shares Jimmy. 

Indeed there are car clubs and there are car clubs. But when it comes to having a car club that brings together owners of a market leader such as the Mitsubishi Xpander, the responsibility to unite and keep a large group bonded together becomes all the more significant. Fortunately, for Club Xpander Philippines, it is more than just hanging out and appreciating each other’s rides. It is about family.

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