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November 2, 2020

Kia Picanto Scores Zero in Latest Crash Safety Test

The importance of reading through the details of international crash safety test data can’t be emphasized further with the performance of the Kia Picanto at the Latin New Car Assessment Program or NCAP.

While it’s easy for car manufacturers or even other publications to tout the safety rating of new vehicles, it’s important to check if they are comparable to what’s being sold in the Philippines. This was just highlighted by the Picanto’s Latin NCAP crash test results where the sub-compact hatchback scored a dismal zero stars.

Alejandro Furas, Secretary General of Latin NCAP went so far as to say the results are “absolutely appalling.” Furas noted that for around the same SRP in Europe (8,700 Euros or roughly P 491,000), the Picanto gets 6 airbags, pedestrian protection, and Electronic Stability Control as standard. Those features, key to a good crash safety score are not available, even as an option, for Latin American markets. Sounds familiar?

“This information should be mandatory in all markets so consumers are aware of cars that might look like the same model from other markets but offers lower safety levels. Latin NCAP does not recommends consumers to buy such a poor safety performer model at all,” Furas concluded.

Like the Philippine market model, the Latin American market Picanto is manufactured in South Korea. It’s only equipped with a driver frontal airbag as standard (similar to the local LX model) which meant it scored zero in Adult Occupancy Protection, and only 29 percent in Child Occupancy Protection. ABS, EBD, and stability control are not standard. 

The model was tested in frontal impact, side impact, whiplash, and pedestrian protection. In the frontal impact both the driver and passenger’s chest offered poor protection due to the high loads and structural instability. Side impact showed poor protection to the chest. Whiplash test also showed poor protection to the neck. Side pole impact was not performed as the car does not offer side head protection as standard. The Picanto does not meet United Nations regulations on Pedestrian Protection.

The Latin NCAP says that even by putting in dual airbags, it will still score below the minimum percentage to reach even one star.

In comparison, the European market Picanto with its 6 SRS airbags, ABS with EBD, and stability control can reach a respectable three-star safety rating at the European NCAP, and four with the optional automatic emergency braking installed.

The Picanto also scored a zero-star rating at the ASEAN NCAP for the no airbag version and a four-star rating with the 6 airbag version.

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  1. We are a 3rd world country they give us only what we can afford thats fact, and it hurts.


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