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November 29, 2011

DTS Chips Now Available in Manila

Photo courtesy of DTS Philippines
Car enthusiasts, at one point in their lives have thought of putting more horses under the hood. Though the manufacturer-quoted horsepower is more than enough for some people, there are some who long for extra power and performance attainable only through expert tuning. Normally this is an easy feat, especially for gasoline-fed cars. Unfortunately, those with diesel-powered ones aren’t so lucky.

The road to diesel performance tuning is often a dead end. However, given the continuous rise in pump prices, diesel-powered cars and trucks will undoubtedly become a popular choice for both the masses and enthusiasts alike. And now, the question beckons: how do you get more horsepower for your diesel car? Thankfully, the answer now is quite simple: the new DTS diesel tuning chip.

A UK-based company, DTS has been in the manufacture of diesel tuning products since 1998. And because of their long history in the business, whatever tuning system you end up with, chances are, it was ultimately made or supplied by DTS.

How Does it Work?

Like its gasoline-powered counterpart, modern diesel engines rely on many sensors within the engine control system such as throttle position sensor, oxygen sensor, mass air flow sensor and the like to determine how the engine ultimately performs and alters its parameters to suit certain conditions such as idling, full throttle acceleration, towing or carrying heavy loads. These sensors are all collected and processed by the vehicle’s engine control unit or ECU to determine what alterations are needed to the engine system to keep it running smoothly.

However, because cars are sold in various worldwide markets, car companies tune their ECUs to meet most international regulations with minimal reprogramming. This can result in certain compromises pertaining to areas like emission regulations, fuel quality, fuel economy standards and so forth. The DTS diesel tuning chip unlocks the engine’s full potential. By intercepting and altering the different engine parameters, the DTS system can achieve gains averaging 25-30 percent.

One such way the DTS system can achieve better power is by slightly increasing the amount of diesel injected into the cylinder. This results in less “flat spots” at low rpms and better performance at higher engine speeds. In addition, there will be an improvement in fuel economy (up to 3 km/L) as the engine efficiency is maximized.

The DTS diesel tuning system is “plug and play”. There are no wires to cut and no connectors to solder. It connects to the car’s ECU using a supplied connection harness. This harness plugs directly into the original equipment connectors—the very same plugs used on your car.

Setting Itself Apart

DTS sets itself apart from other so-called aftermarket ECU solutions because they’re more affordable. By designing and manufacturing its own systems, DTS can offer quality tuning chips at attractive prices. Additionally, they’ve cut the middlemen and offer the DTS tuning system directly to the buyer via its website.

Sealed in an aluminum enclosure, the DTS system uses surface-mounted printed circuit boards or PCB with engine specific dyno-developed software. It’s all designed to meet and exceed the average humidity and temperature of the engine compartment. The original equipment connection harness is also protected and the wires used by the DTS system are rated to the same specification as those found in the original wiring harness.

DTS is also very confident in the quality and reliability of its products and is backing up each diesel tuning chip with a five year warranty so long as it’s fitted to your vehicle. Should the tuning system develop a fault, it will be exchanged for a completely new one, free of charge.

“If one has complete confidence in their business and products, then they should be prepared to show it. I expect our customers to receive a level of service that exceeds their expectations,” says Mr. Al T. Tecson, CEO of DTS Philippines.

For more information or to buy a DTS diesel tuning chip system, you can log-on to its official website at:

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