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December 2, 2011

Hyundai to Launch Diesel Accent and Hatch Really Soon?

Photo courtesy of Hyundai Press
Our friends at Top Gear Philippines has reported that the much-awaited (and much-delayed) Hyundai Accent diesel and hatchback versions will soon roam the streets of Manila.

According to the site, Hyundai Automotive Resources, Inc. (HARI), the official distributor of Hyundai automobiles in the Philippines already has one CRDi-powered Accent at their office brought in for pre-launch testing. Also, HARI has already received the green light to sell the Accent diesel and hatchback variants from their Korean head office.

So, what's stopping them? Apparently, supply. When there's adequate stocks of the Accent Diesel, HARI will begin shipping these fuel-sippers into the country. Oh, we can't wait!


  1. Yeheey! The long wait must be over. Hurrah to New Hyundai Accent Diesel 2013 Hatchback. ;-)

  2. Been waiting for 2 years... How much longer?

  3. test drove it today and i'm amazed on the torque. it's better than my crv. only gripe is front interior panel...lacks a lot plus the they replaced the head unit with a 1din puny looking jvc instead of the 2din


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