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April 6, 2013

ICON: Hyundai Goes Euro with i40

Photo by Ulysses Ang
Innovation.  Individuality.  Inspiration.  Hyundai seems to evoke these words whenever the renowned automotive brand rolls out a new i-series model from its mobility innovation stable.  It wasn’t too long ago when the i-series models— top-billed by the i10 and i30--were introduced to the Philippine automotive scene.  Now, Hyundai gives the motoring public something new to look forward to, as it showcases another i-series model that further highlights Hyundai’s flair for distinctly European design. Make way for the Euro-chic i40.

Europe on its mind

Change the way you think about wagon-type automobiles as old, bulky and boring. Hyundai made sure that when you meet the i40 for the first time in all its sheet metal splendor, it leaves a lasting impression of European artistry that takes your breath away. Hyundai’s international team of stylists made it so, designing the i40 at the company’s design center in Russelsheim, Germany.  Continuing Hyundai’s design legacy and philosophy, “Fluidic Sculpture,” the i40’s emotive appeal is made evident by its futuristic profile, strong character lines, and elongated greenhouse all coming together in remarkable harmony, depicting the co-existence of man and machine in an innovation that’s both inspired by nature’s nurturing beauty and man’s pursuit of excellence in mobility.

From all angles, the i40 is at its best. The front, rear, and profile designs form one incredibly graceful automobile with a modern, sporty vibe. The captivating brilliance of the front lighting group defined by eagle-eye headlamps and wind-shaped foglamps immediately grabs your attention. High Intensity Discharge (Xenon) headlamps provide brighter and longer light beams, sans the glare, and feature color temperature that closely approximates daylight, thus bringing out the distinct colors of objects on the road, such as road signs in red and green. That way, you remain focused and safe while driving. Xenon headlamps also come with an auto-leveling device and lamp washer. There’s also the standard LED position lamps with their signature high visibility that enhances the driving experience. And there’s no need to manually turn the headlamps on and off.  With the i40’s auto light control, headlamps automatically switch on at night and turn off during the daytime.  

Other handsome additions to the i40’s light system are clear-type foglamps that have extra low mounting points to efficiently cut through fog or darkness for better visibility; large wraparound LED rear combination lamps that light up faster than conventional lamps to quickly alert the drivers behind you; and LED High Mount Stop Lamp (HMSL) on the rear spoiler that not only hints of class, but also provides better visibility by quickly letting other drivers know when you’re stopping.

Open the panoramic sunroof and bask in the sun during fun drives. This elegant glass piece is a two-panel type, with the front panel opening dramatically to a great view of the sky, which can be breathtaking during long out-of-town drives. Other interesting glass features are outside mirrors fitted in aerodynamically sculpted housing that helps reduce wind noise, and LED side repeaters that allow you to safely change lanes or turn a corner by efficiently alerting other motorists of your next move.

Aside from the graceful body lines, the i40 has specially designed light-weight wheels that handsomely complement its modern and sporty look and efficiently contribute to overall fuel-efficient operation.

Feel like royalty, Euro-chic style

Inside the i40 is a world of comfort and convenience. The interior space and detail exceed expectations of what a premium Euro-chic estate wagon is about.  Entering the cabin, the i40’s roominess and flowing plane welcome you like royalty.

Get settled in the cockpit. The electronically-controlled driver’s seat immediately feels like an embrace: you feel right at home in its airy domain. You can adjust the seat 10 ways, thanks to the Integrated Memory Seat that takes note of your desired driving position.  New power lumbar support for the driver and front passenger seats helps keep you in a comfortable seating position, especially when you’re in for hours of road trips. Start the car with the easy button start, and take off without delay.

View driver information on the Supervision instrument cluster. This remarkable feat of electronic engineering made possible by Hyundai makes the information display easy on the eyes and convenient to read. The moment you hit the ‘start ignition’ button, the system comes alive in a remarkable display of colors, further hinting of its sophisticated modern feel.    

View useful driving information on the colored TFT LCD trip computer that is fitted between finely styled twin cylinders. The information includes driving distance, average fuel consumption, parking assist system, and more.

The i40’s not just all about beauty; it throws in features that allow you to drive intelligently and responsibly.

The steering wheel has all the important switches needed for greater control and driving ease, like the audio control switch, Bluetooth with built-in microphone for interfacing seamlessly with Bluetooth-enabled phones, and an auto cruise control switch that you can engage and disengage quickly at the push of a button.

Surround the cabin with your kind of music played on the cool and casual sound system with six speakers that offer great audio quality.  The system is fitted with standard CD and MP3 players, Bluetooth capability, and connection ports like Auxiliary input and USB port that connect most types of players and USB/flash drive devices. Also available is an iPhone/iPod connection cable.

The i40’s roominess is not confined to passengers alone. The same generous space applies to your travel gear and valuables. With this wagon’s minimum 553 to maximum 1,719 liters of trunk capacity—plus luggage space under the tray for added convenience, the i40 indulges you to pack heavy.  Need more room?  It’s not a problem with the 60/40 seat folding capacity that allows more luggage space plus a rear seat passenger for two. If you want to travel solo or with a friend, the rear seats can fold flat into the floor for maximum luggage space, while the floor rail system keeps your travel items safe in place.
For passengers, the i40 makes you feel at home with conveniences that double up to keep you well organized for any trip: a foldable armrest with built-in cup holders, dual cup holders with sliding covers, and a deluxe center armrest with multi-box access that opens to various compartments for handy items.

Sheer exhilaration and driving efficiency

When it comes to performance, the i40 is as sophisticated as its looks. Its U2 1.7-liter diesel engine variant delivers 136ps in the high output edition and fuel efficient engine operation with Hyundai’s signature CRDi engine that optimizes combustion for better engine response within any RPM range.

Further boosting the i40’s fuel economy is its six-speed automatic transmission, now made more compact, smoother, and quieter in operation.  An extra gear makes it easier to shift to higher notches of power, compared to the conventional five-speed that it replaces, and lessens engine load for heightened driving efficiency. Do you fancy rapid-fire acceleration and easy downshifts? Tap the race-inspired paddle shifters mounted on the steering column and change speed in a breeze.

Safe, inside and out

Hyundai made sure that the i40 stands up to the test, starting with its tough shell made of ultra-high tensile strength steel.  This high performance special steel alloy is applied to critical areas of the car where more strength and reinforcement is required.  In order to shape the steel properly, Hyundai’s innovative hot stamping method pre-heats the steel to 900 degrees Celsius before stamping—one of the stand-out ways with which Hyundai focuses on the details of raising the car’s safety profile.  Another major advancement is related to reducing the risk of serious head injury. The installation of a multi-coned steel structure and inner frame to the bonnet effectively absorb the impact during car collisions.

From the tough steel on the outside, more security features await you inside with the i40’s 9-airbag system that includes driver and front passenger airbags, two side curtain airbags, and four thorax airbags in the outboard seating position. In addition, a new airbag offers driver knee protection to prevent risk of injury in the event of a crash.
On the road, the i40 keeps driving stability in check with its Electronic Stability Program (ESP) that continuously monitors vehicle directional stability and tire traction. ESP automatically intervenes once the system senses that the car is skidding or about to spin out of control by applying the brakes on individual wheels to keep directional control.

When you need to bring the car to a safe stop within the shortest distance possible, the i40’s Brake Assist System (BAS) is equipped with advanced electronics capable of near-instantaneous calculations of road conditions, vehicle weight distribution, and the correct amount of braking force. The i40 also features a safe way to operate the parking brake with its new electric parking brake system.

Ready for the road?  Let Hyundai bring out the best in your journeys as it defines European in a remarkably new way with the i40—an estate wagon that exceeds expectations at every angle and in every way. It is efficiently styled to free up precious cabin space and push-button smart for more convenience.


  1. I just learned that HARI is still studying the potential of bring the i40 Diesel Wagon in the Philippines sometime next year.

    Right now, it's 50/50. HARI is still thinking on whether all the features (shown in the display unit @ AVID ICON) will make it into the production version that will be sold locally. This concerns features such as the ventilated seats as well as the cruise control system.

    What is 100% guaranteed though is that the 1.7 liter diesel engine will make it and it will be sold in station wagon form. =)

    Hopefully, all features will make it when this thing finally launches.......because damn, this thing looks so stunning. A compact station wagon that really is a looker without a doubt =)

  2. Is the wagon available in the Philippines?


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