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August 26, 2013

UPDATED: Repsol Launches Diesel Motor Oil

Repsol, a leading automotive lubricant in Spain, launches its motor oil for Turbo Direct Injected (TDI) diesel car engines in the market. Repsol Elite TDI 15W40 contains powerful synthetic additives which impedes the formation of deposits in the turbo compressor and protects from wear of internal engine parts when the engine runs at high temperatures. It also provides excellent resistance to oxidation, ageing and residue.  It keeps the engine running cleanly and efficiently and has shear stability additives that prevent lubrication loss at high RPMs.  

Repsol has one of the largest technology centers in Europe that help Invent The Future. It provides solutions to the needs of engine manufacturers and car owners.  In fact, Repsol motor oils are subjected to extreme test benches - circuit racing, off road, endurance under various weather conditions. This is line with Repsol’s philosophy which is to continuously innovate and comply with the most demanding internationally accepted standards.

For more information, please visit or You can also call +63-2-3777-500.

UPDATE: Repsol has announced the availability of the Repsol Elite Common Rail 5W30 as an additional variant to the 15W40 which they have launched last May 2013.

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