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August 26, 2013

Toyota Motor Philippines Conducts Special Assistance to Flood-Affected Customers

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) announced that it will conduct special service assistance for flood-affected customers from the recent rains brought about by typhoon Maring. The company believes that it is their duty to be of service to their valued customers especially in trying times like these. In that spirit, TMP is offering special discounts for repairs of flooded Toyota vehicles.

Discounts for Parts & Labor
  • 40% discount on engine ECU
  • 20% discount on selected flood-affected parts
  • 20% discount on labor
Beyond this extended assistance, TMP hopes to go that extra mile to put safety at the forefront for its customers. With that, TMP imparts simple “do’s and don’t’s” if your Toyota has been submerged in the recent floods.
  1. One must first disconnect the battery terminals as soon as possible to avoid any electrical malfunction.  Do not turn the ignition switch ON, and most importantly, do not attempt to start the engine.
  2. If one suspects that water is present inside the cylinders, do remove the spark plugs or glow plugs. Furthermore, if one infers that there is water contamination in the automatic or manual transmission, or in the differential, be sure to tow the vehicle with the drive wheels off the ground.
  3. Thereafter, do not reconnect the battery terminals or start the engine. Drain any water left and wash the vehicle’s exterior, if possible. Lastly, ventilate and dry the vehicle by opening the doors.
  4. After everything has been performed, have your vehicle brought to the nearest Toyota dealer for diagnosis/repair/cleaning. TMP recommends of not attempting to personally repair or diagnose the vehicle to ensure utmost safety. Finally, check one’s vehicle insurance policy for insurance coverage.
In a statement, TMP President Michinobu Sugata exclaimed, “We at Toyota sincerely wish that all our customers are safe and well despite the strong typhoon experienced last week brought about by Typhoon Maring.  After the recent calamity, we decided to stage this special service assistance to flood-affected customers as we feel this simple act will help our customers move forward from this trying time.”

For more information and updates, call Toyota’s Customer Assistance Center at (02) 819 2912 or visit the official TMP Facebook Page at ToyotaMotorPhilippines. Customers may also visit TMP’s website at

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