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August 3, 2014

3 Additional Kia Dealerships Now Adhere to Kia's Global Space Identity Concept

Owing to its commitment to serve and surprise Kia customers, Kia Marcos Highway, Kia Pasay, and Kia Quirino will now bear the universal standard for all Kia dealerships. This upgrade on overall brand image found in facilities is referred to as the Global Space Identity or GSI.

GSI showrooms have visual aesthetics consistent and unique to Kia Motors dealerships all over the world. As a dynamic and ever-evolving brand, Kia hopes to further develop a dealership environment that meets, and surpasses, the highest expectation of customers.

In the Philippines, Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC), exclusive distributor of Kia Motors in the Philippines, continuously raises the bar for its Kia dealerships to achieve the vibrant and premium aesthetic that GSI showrooms warrant. Such distinct dealership environments are already applied by select Kia dealers, particularly those owned and managed by the Autocirculo Corporation.

Autocirculo Corporation, under the helm of its principal leader and automotive veteran, Augusto “Butch” Chavez Camacho, has a long-standing partnership with CAC and this collaboration is reaping benefits for Kia customers.

Camacho proudly shares, “We are firm believers in what CAC and Kia are striving to realise for the country’s automotive industry. Our customers deserve quality innovations, excellent service, and reliability on the road and Autocirculo, through our Kia dealerships, vow to consistently meet these expectations.”

One such way of providing a different driving experience is Autocirculo Corporation’s adherence to Kia’s GSI. Proudly displayed and spread throughout GSI dealerships are marks of the Korean automaker giant– a compact red cube façade design with Chrome Kia logo, “KIA MOTORS” signage in acrylic material with LED light and a door and pylon with the same Chrome Kia logo as well.

Once you step foot in any of these three Kia dealerships, you will see right away the “simplicity of the straight line” guiding all elements that comprise a Kia GSI. Seeing the brand wall with Chrome logo and reception counter, one would immediately see the grace and elegance of the straight lines applied.

There are also five design philosophies that underline the premium look and feel in both exterior and interior of dealership environments. These design elements are summarized in single-word axioms– Interlock, Reveal, Layer, Module and Consist.

Completing the GSI look of Kia dealership environments are secondary but equally important elements such as specification stands, consultation tables, brochure stands, accessory stands, and floor and ceiling designs.

Kia’s GSI essentially acts as a global benchmark for dealerships to strive for and Filipino patrons of Kia are fortunate to have such dealerships operating within a global standard, thanks to Autocirculo Corporation.

Learning about Kia’s Global Space Identity is one thing; seeing and experiencing it first-hand is another. Visit Kia Marcos Highway, Pasay, or Quirino and prepare to be surprised!

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