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August 12, 2014

Review: 2014 Honda City VX Aero Sport Modulo

Photos by Ulysses Ang
It’s so easy to dismiss the buyers of entry-level cars as those who don’t care about design, engineering, and technology. In fact, the colloquial saying of: “basta tumatakbo, okay na” (as long as it’s running, it’s okay) stems from that mentality. Thankfully, the proliferation of smart phones and tablets has had a positive effect on the consumer mindset. Today, even the most cutting-edge technology has filtered down. Now, everyone’s got Facebook and gestures such as ‘swiping’ and ‘pinching’ are more associated with screen actions rather than something a bit kinky. As more and more buyers become technophiles, their taste in cars evolve as well. What were seen as ‘must haves’ are now ‘standard’ and what were seen as something straight out of science fiction are now reality. This is the ultra-competitive environment that car manufacturers find themselves in and one that the all-new Honda City thrives in.

The Honda City is a nameplate synonymous with technological advancement. Next to its rivals, the City has always gone the extra step further.  For instance, the first-generation model was the first to introduce VTEC and even featured all-around independent suspension. Succeeding models were no less sophisticated debuting technology such as a twin-spark engine, CVT, five-speed automatics, and even standard iPod integration. Yes, there were hits and misses, but all in all, it was always ahead of the technology game as far as cars are concerned.

The 2014 Honda City is no different, though you honestly can’t tell by just looking at it. At a glance, it can be easily mistaken for a heavy facelift of the previous generation. However, look carefully or better yet, park it next to a 2009 one, and the differences are huge. The all-new City takes the same design language, the same angular and sleek profile as before, but it’s been cleaned up and modernized. The silhouette alone is sharper with a windshield and rear glass that’s so aggressively angled it imbues a fastback shape. The City’s rear glass is so acutely angled that it’s hard to squeeze a cleaning cloth behind the rear headrests. The rest of the City’s design echoes this sharpness with the aero-cut bumpers blending onto the fenders and a heavy crease at the side running just below the door handles. The frontend is just as aggressively styled with the squinting headlights, solid wing grille, and angular lower air intakes. Though minor, the rear could have been designed better. As it stands, it’s too fussy. However, the biggest weakness is the wheels. Although they’re 16-inch rollers, they simply look to small; as if they’re pushed in. Perhaps an increase in size or a lower offset would work wonders.

Opening the City’s doors (no need to fumble for keys since it’s got a Smart Key entry system), and you’ll be wowed by one of the most high-tech cabins you’ll ever experience. Subjectively, it looks to have gained some styling cues from the Honda CR-Z sports hybrid. It’s very easy to settle in the driver’s seat with the right amount of hip, back, and lumbar support. The steering wheel, though on the anorexic side, is the perfect diameter and features adjustments for both reach and height. The instrument panel, often an overlooked item, is slightly canted towards the middle, aligning itself to the driver’s eye level.

The City’s marketing tagline, “Touch Tomorrow” actually stems from the large, 7-inch touch screen that serves as the nerve central for the entire user interface. Not only does it control the audio system but it also accesses other functions such as Bluetooth hands-free, the multi-function trip computer, and even vehicle settings. Thanks to clearly marked icons and some degree of personalization, it’s easy to master the touch screen controls. The climate control needs a bit of work though. If you’re fine leaving it in ‘Auto’, then it’s no problem. However, if you do minute changes on the fly, like adjusting temperature or fan speed, some physical buttons or knobs would be welcome. Plus, if you’re obsessive-compulsive about cleanliness, fingerprints on the touch screen can’t be avoided.

Compared to the previous City, the all-new model is almost toe-to-toe in terms of exterior dimensions but the longer wheelbase (just 70 millimeters why of the Civic) means a surprisingly cavernous interior. With a dashboard that’s sweeping up and away, the front passengers are treated to a wide and unobstructed foot well. At the back, the newly designed front seats with curved backs and the flat rear floor translate to excellent space to either cross legs (if there are two at the back) or travel with their personal space intact (if fully loaded). And yet, that wealth of space doesn’t mean shortcuts when it comes to storage bins. The City features more than enough cubby holes to keep all your smart phones, iPods, e-passes, and other techie stuff. The trunk, though lacking any sort of split-folding flexibility, is flat, huge and deep. Indeed, the City’s sub-compact designation is purely by definition alone. In terms of spaciousness, this is close to an executive sedan.

If your inner Captain Kirk isn’t satisfied by playing with the City’s touch screen controls, then it’s time to buckle up and push-start the engine. The triple-gauge instrument cluster comes to life including the green ambient lighting and a little plant icon that announces the Honda ECON system (standard issue on almost all new Hondas). It’s a mix of the familiar and the new with the 1.5-liter SOHC i-VTEC engine mated to an Earth Dreams CVT. With 120 horsepower and 145 Nm of torque, the City is actually one of most powerful in the sub-compact segment, so it spritely performance’s already a given. For those worried about Honda’s previous foray into belt-driven transmissions, don’t worry. The new Earth Dreams CVT is actually good. Being linear in your throttle application, progress is smooth with considerable amount of thrust and minimal lag. Floor it, and the CVT keeps the ratio virtually eliminating the ‘rubber band’ feel. In the rare occasions you need instant boost, the City has steering wheel paddle shifters. Thanks to the excellently matched drivetrain, the City returned a mixed total of 13.2 km/L (10.8 km/L city, 19.6 km/L highway).

More than just the drivetrain, the City is equally impressive with its suspension set-up. For instance, the NVH isolation is excellent, with none of the crashiness and hollowness commonly associated with sub-compact cars. It does feel somewhat softer than before (with more pronounced body roll) but it counters this with better stability. The steering is surprisingly quick, turning the City into an agile car though there’s no feedback. The City also has an excellent ride, absorbing any sort of road imperfections from potholes to undulating pavement. The body structure is tight, isolating the cabin from any and all forms of shimmies caused by poor road conditions. There are only two criticisms you can level against the City’s driving dynamics. First is the limited visibility especially in the front and rear three-quarters. Designers seemed to have prioritized aerodynamic efficient over a clear view of traffic. Second are the brakes which have a spongy feel. Though there’s a good bite, the stroke is mushy.

Priced at P 935,000 for the VX Aero Sport Modulo, the City isn’t exactly on the affordable end of the sub-compact genre. And even if you opt out of the aero kit (and personally, it looks all the more better without it), you can shave some P 55,000 (P 880,000) that can go to a nice set of 17-inch wheels and tires. But, you do get what you pay for and the City is kitted with features considered unimaginable for this class. More than just the technological features though, this is a sub-compact that manages to get even the basic ingredients right from a smooth drivetrain to a capable chassis to a spacious interior. In fact, it actually makes the marginally larger Honda Civic a frivolous and unnecessary upgrade. And ultimately that’s the deal here. Honda is asking for a bit more than what you’re used to, but in return, you get something that’s truly ahead of the game.

2014 Honda City 1.5 VX
Ownership 2014 Honda City 1.5 VX Aero Sport Modulo
Year Introduced 2014
Vehicle Classification Sub-Compact Sedan
The Basics
Body Type 4-door Sedan
Seating 5
Engine / Drive F/F
Under the Hood
Displacement (liters) 1.5
Aspiration NA
Layout / # of Cylinders I4
BHP @ rpm 120 @ 6,600
Nm @ rpm 145 @ 4,800
Fuel / Min. Octane Gasoline / 91~
Transmission CVT
Cruise Control No
Dimensions and Weights
Length (mm) 4,440
Width (mm) 1,695
Height (mm) 1,477
Wheelbase (mm) 2,600
Curb Weight (kg) 1,107
Suspension and Tires
Front Suspension Independent, MacPherson Strut
Rear Suspension Torsion Beam Axle
Front Brakes Vented Disc
Rear Brakes Drum
Tires 185/55R16
Wheels Alloy
Safety Features
Airbags 2
Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) Yes
Traction / Stability Control No
Parking Sensors No, Reverse Camera
Exterior Features
Headlights Halogen
Fog Lamps Yes, Front
Auto Lights No
Auto Wipers No
Interior Features
Steering Wheel Adjustment Tilt/Telescopic
Steering Wheel Material Leather
Seating Adjustment Manual
Seating Surface Fabric
Folding Rear Seat No
On-Board Computer Yes
Convenience Features
Power Steering Yes
Power Door Locks Yes
Power Windows Yes
Power Mirrors Yes
Climate Control Yes
Audio System Stereo
No. of Speakers 4
Steering Wheel Controls Yes


  1. Yup, although it doesn't seem that different from the previous gen, it still has a better overall look compared to before. The biggest improvement in my opinion is the interior, although the corduroy-looking fabric seats seems tacky. The only issue was one time when I saw one pass by, I mistook it for a hyundai elantra because of the rear design.

    It is indeed tempting to sell my 2009 Honda City and buy this.

  2. I test drove the Honda Jazz and the Honda City, and I feel that the City's suspension is better than the Jazz... Uly, what do you think about this?

    1. Good observation! Yes...the Jazz and the City do feel very different. Our Jazz review will be out.........real soon! Haha!

  3. Great review, Uly!

    In addition, could you pls share the details behind your fuel consumption results (10.8 km/L city, 19.6 km/L highway)? For example, is that heavy traffic in the city? And what average speeds were you at for both city and highway driving?

    Lastly, though rear legroom seems to be huge, what about rear shoulder room? Based on the pics, comfortably seating 3 average-sized dudes (say, 5'6" medium build guys) at the back seems like a stretch, doesn't it? Or maybe not, based on your experience and/or opinion?

    Happy to hear from you!!

    1. Thanks for writing in.

      The city figure is based off both heavy and light traffic. Normally this will entail 3-4 days of heavy traffic (weekday) and then a day or two of light traffic (usually Saturday or Sunday). The figures are then averaged. Average speed is likely around 19-23 km/h. As for highway figures, these are done at around 80-100 km/h cruising. Normally, I'll reset the trip computer and go the entire length of NLEX or SLEX (whatever's more convenient). In both cases, I drive normally. I do not hypermile or coast or anything of the sort.

      As for the rear shoulder do have a point. However, I'd say fitting 3 medium-built adults at the back shouldn't be a problem for the City. I've managed to fit some friends and they fit just fine. It's not kingly in terms of shoulder room, but it will suffice. The legroom though is generous.

    2. Hey Uly,

      Thanks for the fast reply!

      Last question for the fuel efficiency test: Were you alone in the car during the whole fuel efficiency runs or was someone with you all the time (or at some points)?

  4. I bet those rear drum brakes are the culprits for that mushy braking feel.

  5. Asan na ang mga Honda haters? Hahaha!

  6. Honday haters ako dati, but now I bought Honda City VX+ nung nakita ko ang specs nya and all I can say is OWESOME!. Now I'm planning to convert my VX+ to modulo.

  7. sir uy , im planning to buy new honda city but im confused...which is better honda city mt or city e CVT..? for daily use from home to here in davao...pls advise me..i consider mileage and future maintenance..

    1. I'm not Uly, pero advice ko go for the CVT. I'm also living here in Davao and the traffic is getting worse. It's better and much more comfortable to go for the automatic but admittedly, manual transmission will always be cheaper to maintain.

      I own a 5-speed 1.5L Honda City and I'm getting 8-10km/L with moderate to heavy traffic here in Davao. Going to Tagum, I can get about 17-18km/L. Since the new transmission is CVT, it should be more fuel efficient than what I normally get.

      Be wary lang, I don't know if it is still the case with the new City pero sobrang baba talaga ng ground clearance. To put things in perspective, with 5 passengers overloaded, sumabit ang ilalim ko doon sa hump na galing abreeza papuntang obrero, which I never dealt with our 2004 Vios.

    2. Hi sir uly, im torn between a base mazda 3 and the vx+. What be the best vehicle if im after driving feel, ride comfort, fuel consumption, and after sales service?

    3. Same predicament from my end! City VS. M3. Except that I'd prefer a head-to-head between the 1,5L M3 and the City VX (not VX+).

      Weird that we're comparing subcompacts to compacts but such is the case these days, especially with the longer, compact-like City!

    4. Obviously the honda city is a much better option than the mazda 3. It's lighter, better power to weight ratio, better transmission, interior space is bigger and definitely cheaper to maintain. The compact vs sub-compact argument is invalid because what advantage does the mazda 3 have other than hip room and good looks?

      With the mazda 3 2.0L, now that is a different story.

    5. On papers, Honda City has 120Hp but based on Paul Tan blog, if feels like 80Hp because of the CVT.

      Power to weight ratio = Honda City
      Better transmission = Mazda 3
      Fuel consumption = Almost the same (City 10.8km/l vs Mz3 10.3km/l)
      Interior space = Honda City
      Interior quality = Mazda 3
      Cheaper to maintain = Mazda 3 (Yojin3)
      Overall built quality = Mazda 3 (CBU Japan)

      The only thing I don't like on the Mz3 is the stock 16" rims but obviously the Mazda 3 is much better than the City.

    6. Before you say what car has a better transmission, you should actually try both cars. The CVT feels fine. Kawawa din sa highway yang mazda 3 1.5L.

      I forgot about the Yojin 3 but still, the Mazda 3 will be more expensive to maintain in the longer run than the honda city. Mazda's parts are not cheap.

      The fuel consumption you stated must be for urban conditions. How about highway figures?

      Anyway, if the mazda 3 was obviously "better", it wouldn't have been compared to a subcompact. Admit it, the honda city can beat the mazda 3's ass anytime of the day.

  8. Toyota Vios is way better than this ricey car!

    1. Are you fucking kidding me? In what way is the toyota vios better?

      The way I see it, the honda city is better in all aspects.

      The toyota vios has an older engine, not as fuel efficient, has a very old 4-speed A/T transmission, and smaller interior space. There's also no keyless entry, no push-start button, no touchscreen interface audio system, not even a back-up camera.

      The only advantage the vios has is its rear disk brakes and slightly cheaper maintenance.

      So again, I ask, how in the fuck did you come up with a conclusion that the Vios is better?

    2. Are you butthurt Honda Fanboy?! Hahaha! Believe me the Toyota Vios is way better than this ricey car. Even in the acceleration part, the Vios is faster than the City.

      If you don't believe me, go buy a C! Magazine. There's a comparo review there between these two cars. And they pick the Vios over the ricey City. :D

    3. Seriously? You concluded that the vios is better because C! magazine said so? Have you ever actually driven these two?

      Again, I ask, in what way is the toyota vios better? I'm really curious because I've test driven them both recently and I really can't come up with any reasons why the vios wins out. The honda city is better overall.

      The honda city is not ricey. On the contrary, it looks and feels mature inside and out. If you're speaking about the optional modulo bodykit, well they're a bit ricey but there's also the TRD bodykit for the vios which also makes the vios ricey.

      Anyway, don't come up with conclusions based on what you read. Top Gear Philippines also had a comparo and unsurprisingly, the honda city won but that's not a valid point, ultimately you're the one who's going to decide which is better once you've ACTUALLY test driven them.

    4. Yeah, seriously... Who do you think is more credible? A Motor journalist or a Fanboy from Honda? LMAO! :D

      For your information, Top Gear Philippines never declared a winner. Get your fact straight.

      Toyota Vios wins over Honda City easily.

    5. Again, in what way is it better? Typical blind toyota fanboy, never mentioning a clear straight answer.

    6. Well it is implied that the honda city is a winner. It's also all over the internet, the honda city is a clear winner. Sorry to burst your bubbles but some motor journalists are subjective when choosing a winner. Can't be avoided, really.

      Ask anyone you know that's not a toyota or a honda fan and has test driven them both, they'll probably answer that the honda city is a winner. Unless you state some reasonable points, then all your arguments are invalid.

    7. Better overall. Quoted by Car Experts.

      One butthurt Honda Fanboy crying. :D

    8. Better overall? Quoted by so-called car experts?
      That's it?

      Pathetic. If anyone's crying, it's probably a toyota fanboy like you.
      Yes, I know it really hurts on the inside and you probably bought a vios or something, and you're probably in denial that the competition produced a better car. It's okay.

    9. Top Gear didn't declared a winner READ IT AGAIN.

      Your own interpretation makes the City the winner because you are Honda Fanboy! LMAO! :D

      Top Gear Magazine = Tie
      C! Magazine = Vios

      Overall Winner = Vios

      Here's a tissue, wipe your sorry ass.... :D

    10. Nope, top gear didn't say that the city was a winner because butthurt toyota fanboys such as yourself will get mad at them and therefore will stop buying their magazines as a form of protest. You'll probably think that they're not "credible" anymore because they chose the honda city as the winner. So to cater for all the needs of everyone, they probably decided to make them a tie so blind dumbass fanboys such as your self won't berate top gear.

      But if you read outside of these magazines, the honda city is declared as the best subcompact. If you can read between the lines, even in this review here in, it is implied that the honda city is a winner. Even in the topgear website, the editors were all impressed by the honda city.

    11. So now you are saying they didn't declared a winner. But earlier you said they declared the City as the winner. LOL! :D

      Don't be stupid, most Comparo reviews from Top Gear they always declare a winner.

      Very funny that you think that it will affect their sales if they favor one brand from another. Hahaha!

      The City will be always a winner for you even against better competition because what? You are "Big Crying Honda Fanboy"!

      Just admit it, Toyota Vios is way better than your Honda City.

      Wait, you didn't even have one right? You just test drove one? :D

    12. They didn't declare a winner but as I said, if you read between the lines, the honda city is the true winner. Man, you really do have bad reading comprehension. Your logic also sucks, coming up with a conclusion based on what you read in magazines instead of actually riding in these cars. Pffft.

      Why do you think I test drove these cars? Of course because we were choosing what car to get and as you know (if you have half the brain the average human has), we got a honda city VX because it is better overall.

      Admit what? Maybe you're the one who should admit that the honda city is indeed a better car. Up to now, you still did not mention any valid points. I'm starting to doubt that you even have a vehicle because you claim that the vios is a winner, yet you have no clear points?? Do you even know anything about cars?

    13. Man, we all get it now why you are so butthurt everytime someone starts downgrading your Honda City. (If you really have one) :D

      Can you please spell BIAS for me? :D

      Okay, I will admit that, you bought the wrong car man. Don't feel bad that you chose the sub par car. Its a good car though....

      Still overall the Toyota Vios is the better buy.

    14. If I were biased, I wouldn't have considered the vios in the first place and go straight up for the honda city.

      Again, don't be such an idiot. Prove to me why the toyota vios is better.

      Unless you can back up your claim as to why the toyota vios is better, the honda city is clearly the better option.

      Go ahead, I dare you to enumerate the advantage of the vios over the honda city. I bet the list you'll make is as small your dick.

    15. Man, your response are getting gayer. Good thing you didn't pick up the Jazz especially the yellow variant. :D

      Go buy C! Magazine if you want to know why they pick the Vios over the City.

      Just don't be a crybaby after you read the article, okay? :D

      Toyota Vios better buy over Honda City.

    16. What? So Mr. Small Dick here is now a C! Magazine endorser?
      It would be much easier if you just relay what you read about the comparison.

      One magazine is not the fucking Bible of cars. Not everything you read applies to others.

      Since you have the magazine there, why don't you point out the advantages of the vios then?

    17. If you can buy a new car, why cant you buy a P195 magazine?

      Gay retard! :D

    18. Because I don't want to spend on unnecessary things. Dumbass. We all have priorities so you can shove your shitty little magazine up your anus.

      Still can't prove your point about the vios eh, Mr. Tiny Penis? You don't even have a fucking Vios to start with! Don't tell me you can afford a compact and midsize sedan because it is painfully obvious that you can't buy one, so stop pretending.

      As for me, at least I have a great car I can drive around, even if it is just a subcompact. And you can keep hailing a taxi or a jeepney.

    19. You won't pick the magazine because you already knew who won the comparo and so that you don't have to feel bad while battling your monthly period :D

      I don't intend buying cars below compact, I'm very much capable of spending more than P880,000 on a car. :D

      As for your car, its good but not great. The Vios is still the better buy overall.

    20. Stop fooling yourself. You just bought a subcompact car on 5 year installment.

      You can't even pay in cash! Geeeez!

      I'm really having this concept that this is your first car. :D

    21. 3 years, and no it is my second car. Still it is better than having no car at all. Well, you don't know that feeling kid because you don't own any. Boohoo.

      And who the fuck pays in cash? No one does that anymore. Unless you're a business tycoon. Hell even some of the rich people pay in installment. But you don't know that since you don't have any experience buying cars at all.

    22. FOOT TANG NA. buy both car vios & city..... i pay in cash. ipon then buy.

    23. lol natawa ako sa argument na to. It's like a genius making patol to an idiot :D The genius kept on asking for a valid and acceptable reason why this car is better than the other and the idiot kept on calling him names, not answering that simple question. Of course, being an intelligent individual as he is, napipikon si genius which is a natural reaction when you talk to a hopeless idiot. The idiot claiming to be a car expert by reading an effin magazine :D

    24. So funny. Vios looks like crap in and out. Outdated.

  9. Among Sub-compact Cars these will be my top choices

    1.) Ford Fiesta Ecoboost
    2.) Hyundai Accent Crdi
    3.) Toyota Vios
    4.) Honda City
    5.) Kia Rio

  10. I mostly drive in the city and occasionally drive to my hometown province.

    Which do you think is the better buy Uly? Ford Ecosport or Honda City?

    1. How about ford fiesta ecoboost? Great for overtaking those dumbass truck drivers and snail-paced tricycles in the provincial highway. Outrunning these obnoxious "road king" vehicles such as the fortuner, hilux, montero, grandia commuter vans and other large abusive vehicles will also be a cinch. It is also good in the city so you can outpace the even more idiotic jeepney and bus drivers.

  11. Nyeta talaga kapag parehong fanboy. Walang magpapatalo. Akala nyo naman kung gaano kakaganda ng auto nyo eh pareho naman subcompacts lang. Isa pang taxi, tapos isa gawa lang sa Laguna. Kahit mga TOTL pa yan, subcompacts pa rin pareho. Meaning, huwag magyabang.

    1. Yes, they're just subcompacts but here in the Philippines, you're lucky if you have even one car. Anyway, I was just trying to prove my point which was obvious to begin with, that honda city is better.

    2. tol.. hinda lang gawa sa laguna yan.. gawa ng mga dakilang manggagawang pinoy yan.. be proud of Philippine made!!!..

  12. Who said that I have a Toyota Vios? Bwahaha!

    Subcompact cars are for people with a tight budget and can buy affordable cars only, right? :D

    There's one butthurt owner here who will disagree. So expect a tirade response from him anytime soon.

    But still Toyota Vios is the better buy over the Honda City. :D

    1. Yes, unfortunately you don't have a toyota vios. In fact you don't even own any car at all.

    2. Fortunately, I can afford compact cars or midsize sedans. :D

    3. Whatever you say. I can also afford a ferrari or a lamborghini, and once I buy one, I'll put it in the garage of my fucking P80 million estate.

      People on the internet these days. Pfft.

    4. Unfortunately, you can't. That's why you end up buying a Subcompact car.

      Because its affordable. :D

    5. Hahaha, so you think of yourself as a winner because you bought a new 2014 Honda City? Feels like driving a Bimmer huh? You ride is not even the top variant. LOL! :D I bet you its not even paid in cash.

      You are just butthurt thats why you are acting like a child!

      Just accept it that the Toyota Vios is better overall. :D

    6. Bottom line, I have a car and you don't.

      Quit whining and accept the fact that a loser like you can't even afford a crappy vios.

      Vios better overall? Hah. Frankly, even the previous gen Honda City is a better car than the current vios!

    7. Seriously, I have a better car than yours. Price tag over a million. :D

      Maybe this is your first car. That's why you are always butthurt. :D

      Okay fine, you are ride is so great even greater than any luxury cars.

      For a sticker price below P900k with premium qualities like P5M cars. Wow! wow! wow!

      So are you still butthurt Gay retard? :D


    8. Yeah, in your dreams. Mr. Small Dick has an imaginary car with a price tag of over a million.. Oooh, impressive.

      Ok then Mr. Small Dick, what's your car? Man, why do I even bother asking. We all know that you don't have a car. I mean if you really had a car, an obnoxious prick like you wouldn't shut up about it in your earlier posts.

  13. If I may say the Nissan Sylphy is better than both City and the Vios. A compact car with a reasonable sticker.

    I was actually looking at the City before I settled on the Sylphy. I meet a lot of different people for work and first impressions are important. And subcompacts have a stigma to some people so I personally chose compact in that regard.

    Why choose a subcompact car if you can have a better car with the Sylphy.

    1. People choose subcompact cars because of the traffic, it is easier to park, more fuel efficient, less maintenance and cheaper price. The nissan sylphy is indeed a good car, great value for money especially the top of the line.

    2. Even the base variant Sylphy is better than most subcompact cars out there including the City.

    3. I don't think so, other than the slightly larger 1.6L engine, four wheel disk brake and larger body, the honda city VX beats out the base variant sylphy feature-wise. Not sure about the ride comfort of the sylphy but I heard it is pretty good.

      Honda city has an auto climate control, push-start button, smart key-less entry, the touchscreen head unit, leather steering wheel, paddle shifters and it even has those weird lights that changes to green when you're driving efficiently. These things may be unnecessary but they do add up to the great experience and gives the feeling that you did get what you paid for.

    4. Oh and the rear camera is pretty useful too.

    5. Good job reading the Brochure! LOL! :D

    6. Yeah and good job reading a magazine, twat.

    7. @ everyone commenting on this 17Sphynx17 quote.

      This is not me. This is what I don't like about the commenting here in

      Anyone can claim to be someone else. I am 17Sphynx17 in other forums and I never even commented here in this post and just read most discussions.

      admins, if possible, is this guy on the same ip address as the one in the Honda Civic MUGEN comment section? Kindly ban the ip address if possible.

      I don't know what he wants to gain from this but I am suspecting he just wants to ruin me here and hope it spills over to other forums.

    8. My recycled jeepney will make the sylphy eat my dust, any time any day, even in my dreams.

  14. Seriously, I have a better car than yours. Price tag over a million. :D

    Maybe this is your first car. That's why you are always butthurt. :D

    Okay fine, you are ride is so great even greater than any luxury cars.

    For a sticker price below P900k with premium qualities like P5M cars. Wow! wow! wow!

    So are you still butthurt Gay retard? :D

  15. Jeez, such horrible posts by commenters who ruin this nice review. Please just focus on cars. Give logical arguments supported by facts. Stop the homophobic/genital/socio-economic status crap, there's no need for that.

    Perhaps all comments should just be Facebook-linked and posts by trolls should simply be deleted.

    1. I was simply trying to obtain a logical response from the Vios-lover over there. It turned out he was dumber than I thought he was and failed to provide any satisfactory answers.

    2. There's no reason anymore to argue to this BRAINLESS IMBECILE Honda Fanboy trying to prove his SUBCOMPACT CAR is far superior from anybody.

      I get it buying your first car will make you an ASSHOLE.

      So, I will just leave you and savor the moments with your super-duper cool superior SUBCOMPACT CAR. :D

  16. just test driven both city and vios. overall, i like how the city drives. acceleration and handling was good. sudden brake during fast traffic was superb. during slow traffic, felt the brake pedal to be a little squishy.

  17. which is better honda city E manual or honda city E auto?

  18. First car! Which you will prefer honda city or ford ecosport. With the price, fuel efficiency and maintenance. You can suggest any cars that will match the 2.. please help

    1. Wag yang ecosport. Di pa subok ang dual clutch transmission nila. Baka madali masira, mapapagasto ka pa.

      First car lang pala, mag wigo ka na lang or mirage. Sayang gawing first car itong honda city, malalaspag mo lang. Umpisa ka muna sa pinaka mura.

    2. Toyota vios would be fine. Bili ka maki ride on sa mga may taxi company. 2013 vios, 300k lang cash. Masira mo man, its ok, kahit sa tindahan ng mani at suman, may toyota parts kang mabili. Super cheap p parts nia. Toyota vios, made in china by faw motors, assembled in sta rosa laguna.

  19. in case i'll buy the base model only, which is better, jazz V or city V? why? should i prefer the base models of honda over toyota yaris 1.5g?

    1. Get the city VX. with the current discount it could go as low as 855k

  20. Ohh great! A fine review ruined by a taximan vios. I recall my first cousin bragging how good is her car, a gray entry 2013 vios. She even brag at me knowing i hav a civic sir and a hyundai limovan, saying oh yours is old. Old really? Hey i drive the sir, the dream car of dreamers few could afford. And then she keep an keep on bragging about her taxicab. But i just keep quiet on it. Why should I? She only own a mere taxicab vios shit only haha. Until one day we have a family gathering, and there she saw my ride is a pearl white suv, where there are only two persons who own that one in the entire rizal province. Ok nut head, your vios is just the price of my tyres. Ha ha ha.

    1. Reality check, the civic SIR are for douchebags. No one wants that piece of junk anymore.

    2. Reality check, my civic SIR will make you eat it's dust any time any day, and stick its tale pipe up your candy ass.

    3. Hahaha. Poser! You don't have an SIR! Stop pretending, you asshole. Have some dignity! Ako na ang nahihiya para sa iyo, just stop it kid. You're making yourself look like a complete dumbass.

    4. Civic SIR, dream car for dreamers. Wow!

  21. review ng honda to. bakit ba may nasingit na vios? takte.

  22. which is better honda city E manual or honda city E auto?

  23. LOL. Vios better that city? wtf.

  24. Sir Uly, is the E CVT same as the CVT used in the VX models? Will the manual be better against the CVT in terms of fuel efficiency? thanks.

    1. CVT used across the line is the same.

      As for MT versus CVT, normally...CVTs will have better fuel mileage because of its wider ratios.

  25. Sir Uly, Please advise if better to wait for April 2015 for the new release of Honda CIty 2016 maybe?

  26. just go for the 2014 or 15 the only difference with the 2016 it has the navi from the VX+ of the 2014&15 also its more expensive. Lastly the dash of the 2016 is not as clean as the 2014 and 15 .

  27. im planing to convert my vx+ to modulo how much will i cost?thanks...

  28. What material are those black stripes of in the side skirts/body kits? Pkease help

  29. Wtf are those rice ugly spoiler!!

    Everytime I see them on the road guys. xD

  30. hi, does the push start engine button light up (little green light) when the car is started?

    1. When you step on the brake pedal, it lights up indicating it is ready to be started up.

      Once the engine is running, the green light turns off.

  31. "First is the limited visibility especially in the front and rear three-quarters. Designers seemed to have prioritized aerodynamic efficient over a clear view of traffic."

    kinda true medyo hirap ako mag-estimate kapag gitgitan na ang traffic and when entering a mjor road, medyo mahirap makita ang rear quarter sa driver side.
    another thing, medyo masikip nga siya sa shoulder room lalo na kapag tatlo na ang passengers sa likod pero wala ako masabi sa legroom, thumbs up ako doon.


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