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September 6, 2014

Driving Her Way to Success: How PSBank's Auto Loan Helped Grow a Business

Putting up a business does not always require formal training in sales, management or marketing. Take the case of Mrs. Tess Amante, a licensed veterinarian who decided to take an entrepreneurial path founded on practical skills, intuition, perseverance and passion.

With the help of her husband, Mrs. Amante opened Medeqqs, a veterinary drug supply business in 2003. The couple persistently traveled from their hometown in Marilao, Bulacan to other provinces such as Bataan, Tarlac and Pampanga to scout for farm owners and potential customers. Eventually, they were able to establish a loyal clientele because of the excellent customer service they provided –from the quick delivery of veterinary medicine to free consultations.

In 2009, Mrs. Amante reaped the fruits of Medeqqs’ success and decided to explore another venture, an orchid farming and trading business. Since their enterprises rely heavily on transporting goods, they acquired a van through PSBank Auto Loan with Prime Rebate to deliver their medicines and orchids.

“We rely on efficient vehicles to transport our products and help us maintain its quality despite rough road and weather conditions. A good car also makes us look presentable and reliable when meeting clients, so we decided to purchase a Starex van through an auto loan,” said Mrs. Amante.

Mrs. Amante chose the PSBank Auto Loan with Prime Rebate because of its fast approval within 24 hours, competitive interest rates, flexible payment terms and convenient modes of payment.

“Convenience is key in banking, and we found PSBank as “magaan katrabaho” (easy to work with). I no longer busy myself looking for a reliable agent of whatever vehicle I want because I can rely on PSBank. Processing is also fast and easy,” she added.

Mrs. Amante’s auto loan helped her meet the needs of their businesses without having to dip into their profits. When both Medeqqs and the orchid farm grew, they sold their old pickup truck and got a new truck, also through PSBank Auto Loan with Prime Rebate.

Despite the challenges of her business, this hardworking and multi-tasking wife, mother and entrepreneur always remembers to enjoy the best things that life has to offer. She availed of her third PSBank Auto Loan with Prime Rebate to provide her elderly father with his own vehicle. She also enjoys weekends driving to different places with her family and relatives.

Delivering medicines and orchids in their areas of business do not only depend on quality but also on timeliness and efficiency. Through her auto loans, Mrs. Amante was able to address these operational requirements and gained a foothold in more areas while achieving work-life balance. However, she refuses to rest on her laurels. In fact, she recently transformed a vacant building into a duck egg production facility. In the following years, she plans to buy and sell hardwood furniture, while expanding her other businesses to Southern Luzon provinces.

 “We’re glad that PSBank Auto Loan with Prime Rebate has helped Mrs. Amante’s business to flourish. Her success story is a testament of PSBank’s aspiration to be our clients’ partner in the different milestones of their lives – be it in helping them achieve their business goals or providing a more comfortable life for their families,” said PSBank Senior Vice President/Indirect Sales Channel Head Jess Custodio.

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