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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Honda WR-V: This is It

After showing of a sketch of its small crossover for the South American market, Honda has finally released a full photo of its Winsome Runabout Vehicle or WR-V. And it is actually looking good.

Based on the research of customer needs in South America, Honda R&D Brazil developed the WR-V as a vehicle that realizes a “tough and urban” SUV design as well as excellent utility and a spacious cabin within a compact body size. Moreover, the all-new WR-V also features outstanding fuel economy and stable handling performance, which accommodates various needs in the daily lives and recreational activities of customers who enjoy active lifestyles.

Honda is planning to sell the all-new WR-V in South America, and the market introduction in Brazil is scheduled to be in the first half of 2017.


  1. If it's priced the below 1M same as the EcoSport and Juke it's definitely gonna be a win.
    Probably early 2018 if it comes here in the PH.

  2. honda needs to fire its designers, their cars are getting uglier

    1. Matagal nang lumipat sa Nissan.

    2. How? Nissan have the most boring-looking cars.

    3. Nissan is good design? i dont think so, only Mazda, Kia and Hyundai nakuha nila yung gusto kung design sa cars.

  3. For Honda to sell, it should target these buyers budget:

    1) Brio 500k - 600k
    2) Mobilio 600k - 700k
    3) Jazz 700k - 850k
    4) BRV 800k - 950k
    5) WRV 900k - 1.05m

    Above pricing would be a win-win situation.
    Everybody happy !

    1. true. not gonna happen for sure.

    2. Even if Honda PH gets last place in sales, they will never lower their prices since they say they are a "premium" brand. BR-V base model is already 989K.

      But if we follow India's price prediction for WR-V which will be below BR-V, hopefully the base model will be around 800-900K when this reaches our shores.

  4. Not bad. If they can make this more spacious than the eco sport and price it at about that range, it'll be tough to beat. But knowing Honda, they'd probably fu** it up again like the hrv by pricing it at a "premium", as if..

  5. well... WR-V is already a hot seller in india. priced lower than BR-V as expected. it's practically a shorter BR-V

    as for PH pricing it'll definitely cost more than the Jazz. so it'll end up costing about the same as the 2018 mobilio which offers a lot more space

    honda's current lineup has too much overlap


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