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January 12, 2017

There's a 2017 Subaru Impreza tS and We Took a Closer Look

Most, if not all Japanese carmakers have an in-house tuning division that gives their vehicles a little bit of something extra be it through looks or performance. In the case of Subaru, it’s Subaru Technica International or STI. And though the 2017 Impreza, known by its model codename ‘GK’, is fresh off the boat for its ASEAN debut in Singapore, tucked at the side of distributor Motor Image’s booth are two units decked out in yummy STI parts.

Called the Impreza tS or “Tuned by STI”, this variant offers the full line of STI aero parts currently available for the 2017 Impreza. Let’s take a closer look:

STI Front Under Spoiler (SG517FL000)

Finished in matte black paint with an STI logo at the center, the STI front under spoiler enhances the air flowing at the lower part of the front bumper thereby generating downforce. Highly popular with Impreza owners, it’s sure to improve handling at high speeds while also “tightening the styling even more.” Take note would-be owners: installation of the front under spoiler drops the ground clearance by 65 millimeters.

STI Side Under Spoiler (SG 517FL100)

Designed to complement the STI front under spoiler, the STI side under spoiler enhances stability even further by helping flow the air underneath the body and channeling it to the back. Application of the side under spoiler reduces the ground clearance by 32 millimeters.

STI Rear Side Under Spoiler (SG517FL200)

The next piece of the STI aero kit is the STI rear side under spoiler. Designed to complement both the front under spoiler and rear side under spoiler, the rear side under spoiler is a little lip that attaches to the corners of the rear bumper. Again, it promotes stability thanks to enhanced air flow. Unfortunately, it reduces the ground clearance by 19 millimeters.

STI Truck Lid Spoiler (SG517FL300)

Finally, is the STI truck lid spoiler that according to STI, optimizes the balance between air resistance (co-efficient of drag) and front/rear down force. This contributes to improved stability at high speed. It is painted in Crystal Black Silica.

Sport Mesh Grille

Not exactly a part of the STI parts catalog, the 2017 Impreza does have a sport mesh grille that replaces the default “wing” grille. The frame is finished in gun metallic gray while the frame itself is semi-matte black.


While not part of the GK’s STI aero catalog, the Impreza tS displayed at the Singapore Motor Show wore two different wheel setups showcasing how they will look with a Plue One (18) and Plus Two (19) fitment. With the Impreza (at least in Singapore) retaining the same 205/50R17 tires, the Plus One wore the more familiar 18-inch STI wheels with 225/40R18 tires. Meanwhile, the Plus Two wore a set of Rays wheels with 255/35R19 tires. Sadly for those wondering: the 2017 Impreza is keeping its PCD at 5x100.

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