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January 17, 2017

LTO to Implement DIY Registration for Motor Vehicles

The Land Transportation Office or LTO just signed Administrative Order 2017-035 which aims to streamline the car registration process by allowing dealers to report motor vehicle sales via a “Do-It-Yourself” or DIY system.

The DIY system removes one of the biggest bottlenecks in the car registration process. In the current system, only LTO employees can encode new vehicle sales into their system. This means only a handful of employees encodes hundreds of thousands of vehicles annually.

Apart from streamlining the car registration process, it also eliminates the Request for System Updates (RSU) of buyer’s information or vehicle details.

Though the DIY system still requires authorized dealers / dealer representatives to go to their respective LTO Regional Office, it eliminates the direct participation of LTO personnel during the sales reporting procedure.

The new procedure is outlined below:
  • A User ID shall be issued to the Authorized Representative of the Dealer and can be used solely on behalf of the Dealer he/she represents.
  • The Authorized Representative shall proceed to the Regional Office (DIY Sales Reporting Unit) to directly report the Dealer’s motor vehicle sales to the LTO using the facility for sales reporting. No sales shall be uploaded in the LTO system unless the same has been validated in the system.
  • If the sales validation is correct, the Authorized Representative shall personally encode the buyer information such as the buyer’s name, address, invoice number, date of sale, and amount of the unit. Thereafter, the Authorized Representative shall upload the said information in the LTO system and approve the transaction.
  • If the validation of data is incorrect or has a discrepancy, the transaction is terminated and will be voided. The Authorized Representative will be advised to conduct further validation with their sales to rectify the discrepancy.
  • The Dealer shall be solely responsible for any errors, intentional or not, in the sales reports processed through the DIY facility.
Theoretically, the DIY system cuts new vehicle registration timeline from the current set-up which takes more than 30 days to just 7 days. That said, this all depends on the implementation set-up such as the number terminals available, etc.

So now, all we need to worry about is just the number plates itself.


  1. ganyan ba talaga kadami ang sales ngayon na pino-problema / sinisi sa delay ng registration pati ang encoding? baka kulang lang sa padulas este langis hehehehehe

  2. 30 days? Haha... Wishful thinking.
    I bought my new car 6 months ago and no registration in sight.

  3. may plano na kaming bibili ng bagong nsasakyan tong darating na february 2017 God's willing sana hindi magkaproblema pag purchase namin para magamit kaagad thanks....

  4. LTO Philippines would have to be the most incompetent, corrupt agency anywhere in the world. Everything they do is worlds worst practice . And you need to take days off work to do smoke tests, registration and any other requirements for your motor vehicle. The whole system is fucked. And LTO want to fine you for not carrying paperwork that they are responsible for supplying. And stupid Filipinos don't demand any better. 6 years waiting for a plate number that they have collected money for. Where did the money go ? The Philippines is the poor fool country of South East Asia. Nothing will save the Philippines.


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