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April 17, 2024

Isuzu, Hyundai Show Off Modern PUVs At LTO Motor Show

Truck brands Isuzu and Hyundai both showed off their modern PUVs at this year’s LTO Motor Show. The show, in celebration of the LTO’s 112th founding anniversary, takes place until April 19 at the Land Transportation Office Main Office in East Avenue, Quezon City.

This year’s event, themed, ‘E-volution’ featured the latest advancements not just in electric mobility, but in modernized public utility vehicles as well. The modern PUV, or if you prefer its street name, modern jeepney, is at the center of attention given the government’s plan to phase out traditional jeepneys.

For its part, Isuzu Philippines showed off its Isuzu PUV Class 2 vehicle based on the N-Series light-duty truck platform. This modern PUV has side facing seats, panoramic windows, and an electronic folding type door, all designed for maximum passenger comfort and convenience. It also complies with the Philippine National Standards (PNS) Guidelines for Class 2 PUVs, ensuring safety and efficiency for passengers and drivers alike.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Trucks & Buses (HTB), under its distributor, Hariphil Asia Resources, Inc., showed off the HD50S GT Modern PUV Class 4—the first model to receive a Certificate of Compliance (COC) from the Department of Transportation (DOTr) as a Class 4 modern PUV.

Under the Philippine National Standards or PNS, a Class 4 Modern PUV must have a maximum overall length of 7 meters, maximum width of 2.35 meters, and a minimum height of 1.75 meters. Designed for operation in unpaved roads, they have a 23-passenger seating capacity and no standing passengers are allowed. Each seat must have luggage compartments both overhead and underneath the seat. An outside cargo compartment must be present at the rear part of the Class 4 Modern PUV as well.

The HD50S GT Modern PUV Class has forward-facing seats for all passengers, a side door entry, and a Euro 4-compliant engine that promotes cleaner travel.


  1. These are not modern PUVs at all. These are buses.

    1. The "V" means "vehicles". Buses are PUVs.

  2. PUV yes, PUJ (J=jeepney) not.


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