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April 11, 2024

First-Ever Mazda CX-80 Gets April 18 Reveal Date

The wait won’t be long for the fourth member of Mazda’s Large Product family as the three-row CX-80 gets an April 18 reveal date.

Designed for markets such as Europe, Japan, and parts of Asia (it’s currently unknown whether the Philippines will get this side-by-side with the CX-90), the first-ever CX-80 will offer comfort and ample space for up to seven occupants with its close-to five-meter length and a wheelbase of over three meters.

The CX-80 is longer and higher than the CX-60 and will slot just below the CX-90 in terms of overall pricing and positioning.

Its progressive design remains anchored in Japanese aesthetics. Superior technology and convenient features, together with the signature ‘Jinba Ittai’ driving performance will form part of its DNA.

The CX-80 has been confirmed to come with two-fold-flat third row seats. Meanwhile, the second row comes in either a three-seat layout or two luxurious captain seats with a center console.

Sales are expected to start globally by the third quarter of 2024.


  1. Mazda looks to be doubling down on premium products offering.

  2. i feel like this wil be a three-seater CX-60 with very minimal changes,.same with what they did with the CX-70, a two-seater CX-90.,

  3. Why is Mazda doing a sneak peek? Anyway it will similar to the rest of the line up. If you remove the badges it is hard to determine the new suvs

  4. Spoiler alert-- this will look like all other mazda models. Exterior and interior looks. You're welcome.

  5. I would prefer the cx 80 than the cx 60 better even though it’s a 3 row seater because the rear end looks better without the fake exhaust of the cx 60 …


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