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April 15, 2024

Wuling Enters The Philippines With 4 Vehicle Line-Up

They may not have made it in time for the Chinese International Auto Show—sorry, the Manila International Auto Show—but Wuling is now in the Philippines.

Wuling—or more completely known as—SAIC GM Wuling Automobile (SGMW) is a joint-venture between SAIC Motor, General Motors, and Liuzhou Wuling Motors Co Ltd. It is considered as one of the largest passenger car brands in China selling roughly two million units annually.

Wuling Philippines has launched not one, but four vehicles—the Wuling Bingo, Wuling Macaron, Wuling Gameboy, and Wuling Yep.

Wuling Bingo (SRP: P 863,000 to P 1,083,000)

The Wuling Bingo measures in at 3,950 mm x 1,710 mm x 1,580 mm and weighs either at 1,000 kilograms or 1,125 kilograms. The single-motor hatchback comes in two states of tune. The base model has 41 horsepower (30 kW) and 110 Nm of torque, while the more powerful one has 68 horsepower (50 kW) and 150 Nm of torque. Despite the modest outputs, they both offer a top speed of 105 km/h, making them completely highway legal.

The entry-level model comes with an equally modest 17.3 kWh for a 203-kilometer cruising range, while the top-of-the-line variant has a 31.9 kWh battery for 333 kilometers between charges. Either way, charging can be done via a conventional 220-volt socket (up to 14 hours for a full charge) or via a DC fast charger.

The Bingo comes with all power amenities as well as dual SRS airbags with ABS with EBD. It comes in four colors—Black, Cream/Black, Green/Black, and Pink/White. It comes with a standard 3-year or 100,000-kilometer warranty, while the battery’s covered for 8 years or 100,000 kilometers.

Wuling Gameboy (SRP: P 833,000)

The Wuling Gameboy is a diminutive three-door, four-seater hatchback that tapes in at 3,060 mm x 1,520 mm x 1,660 mm. It has a curb weight of just 822 kilograms. Like the Bingo, the Gameboy is powered by a single front-driven motor with 41 horsepower (30 kW) and 110 Nm of torque. Top speed is rated at 100 km/h. With a 26.5-kWh battery, it can go up to 300 kilometers between charges. It can be charged using a standard 220-volt AC socket (8.5 hours).

The Gameboy is cheerful, but spartan. The interior is dominated by an all-digital gauge cluster and a horizontally-oriented control scheme with a built-in audio system. It comes with a driver’s airbag and ABS with EBD for safety.

The Gameboy comes in two colors—White and Black—both carrying the same dinky 145/70R12 wheels and tires. It has the same warranty package as the Bingo.

Wuling Macaron (SRP: P 663,000)

The smallest offering of Wuling, the Macaron is yet another urban three-door hatchback. It comes in four colors—Cream/Black, Green/White, Pink, and Yellow/Black. The Macaron measures at 2,910 mm x 1,490 mm x 1,620 mm. Its curb weight is just 702 kilograms.

The bite-sized Macaron has a 27 horsepower (20 kW), 85 Nm motor giving it a 105 km/h top speed. Its 13.9-kWh battery is enough for 170 kilometers of range and can be topped up using a 220-volt household socket in nine hours.

The Macaron has a Bluetooth-enabled audio system as well as a driver’s airbag and ABS with EBD. It carries the same warranty as all other Wuling products—a 3-year or 100,000-kilometer bumper-to-bumper warranty and an 8-year or 100,000-kilometer battery warranty.

Baojun Yep (SRP: P 1,083,000)

Marketed under Wuling’s sister brand, Baojun, the Yep is an all-electric mini SUV. Its form factor means it sizes up at 3,381 mm x 1,685 mm x 1,721 mm. Its curb weight is at 1,006 kilograms. It comes in five colors—Black, White, Green, Pink, and Yellow. The three-door body style has four seats and comes with LED exterior lighting among other features.

The rear-drive SUV packs a 68 horsepower (50 kW) and 140 Nm electric motor enough for the same 105 km/h top speed. Its 28.1-kWh battery gives it a 303-kilometer range and can be topped up either using a household socket (about 10 hours on a 10-amp breaker) or 35 minutes on a DC charger.

Features include a Bluetooth-enabled system, dual SRS airbags and ABS with EBD.


  1. A week in will not be complete without a new Chinese distributor news.

    1. That's the state of the local auto industry right now.

  2. With these prices nobody is going to buy this crap...

    1. Wuling GRC already sold at least 200 units of Wuling EVs
      Way more than Nissan Leaf and Lexus EVs
      More dealerships in provincial areas opening in the near future

  3. You're really brutal Uly, haha.

  4. Baojun Yep overpriced. Should only be 12-13k USD. Thats 737k Php. Distributor wants tubong lugaw with a 50% markup

    1. And this is even with Evida Law allowing them to import these cars duty-free

  5. It is expensive compared to the price in other markets. I know they have to make a profit but it defeats the objective of this product to make transportation affordable to everyone. Wait for a new dealer maybe cheaper.

    1. SAIC Motor Philippines and other local car importers aren't interested of carrying and selling Wuling vehicles
      Wuling GRC aren't gonna sell their vehicles at a
      loss prices as they're not interested of selling thousands of units these EVs anyway

  6. This is the Chinese brand with the Starlight scandal right?

  7. Value for money and well priced EVs from Wuling Philippines
    Buying a Bingo and Yep


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