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April 23, 2024

Bajaj Three-Wheelers Aren't E-Trikes

Bajaj three-wheelers or e-trikes? Most of the time, people see them as the same type of vehicle, but according to Bajaj Philippines don’t mistake the two, especially when it comes to usage.

Bajaj Philippines reminds riders (and potential buyers) that using its three-wheelers grants you more legal rights on the road than e-trikes since it’s registered with the Land Transportation Office or LTO.

Bajaj three-wheelers can be used on secondary national highways in the outermost lane or the rightmost portion of the road if the local government unit (LGU) has no designated alternative route in the area under LTO Memo Circular No. 2020-2227.

Moreover, riders who aren’t holders of driver’s licenses are not allowed to drive the Bajaj three-wheeler. Unlike e-trikes, Bajaj three-wheelers require a driver's license to be driven.

And for those who keep on mistaking the two, Bajaj three-wheelers are powered by gasoline. Having said that, because it’s equipped with a fuel injection system, it’s fairly fuel efficient and can be refueled at any service station.

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  1. Bajaj should be sued for spreading this nonsense. There's nowhere on LTO Memorandum Circular 94-199 that says tricycles are allowed on ANY national highways, whether primary or secondary.


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