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April 17, 2024

Omoda & Jaecoo Delays Philippine Market Launch To 2nd Half 2024

The Philippine launch of the Omoda & Jaecoo brands have been pushed to the second half of 2024. This was revealed during the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) where the most-promising Chinese brand had one of the largest presence (floorspace-wise) at 800 square meters. This marks the second launch move for the brand after first announcing its intention to enter the market in late 2023. It was since moved twice to April 2024 (MIAS), and now to June (at the earliest).

Previewed during MIAS were Omoda & Jaecoo’s 2024 line-up: the Omoda 5 (read our first impressions), Omoda 5 EV (aka Omoda E5), Jaecoo 7, and the three-row Jaecoo 8. No pricing or final specifications were revealed at the show.

With a limited product line-up, Omoda & Jaecoo instead showcased the vehicles in scenarios where they’d be used. This included customization using self-branded apparel, tents, camping chairs, and the like. Test drives were also offered during MIAS to lure not just potential customers, but dealer partners as well to invest in the brand.

Over the past year, Omoda & Jaecoo have a combined export sales that exceeded 160,000 vehicles in nearly 20 countries and regions. Omoda is dedicated to providing a future-oriented design and intelligent tech in their auto products, while Jaecoo is committed to creating high-performance, all-terrain capable vehicles.

After MIAS, Omoda & Jaecoo will start its pre-selling and launch activities in early June, while retail sales, as previously mentioned, will start in the latter part of 2024.


  1. This Omoda&Jaecoo distributor Roller-coster yabadabado style of Launching vehicle is a VERY BAD sign for the company future progress and especially for the buying public. Don't trust this company much more the vehicles they are offering.

  2. No need to rush
    Saw already these SUVs and I'm highly impressed with the build quality of these vehicles

  3. If they delay more than 10 times, what will they do next?
    Are they gonna cancel the launch

  4. If the launch of omoda and jaecoo get delayed too many times,
    what are they going to do next? Are they gonna cancel the launch of omoda and jaecoo? Is that what they're gonna do next?


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