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April 19, 2024

Get Up To 20 Percent Off These Isuzu BLOWBAGETS Parts

Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) announces its Summertastic Discount Promo. Aimed at ensuring Isuzu vehicle owners enjoy their summer adventures to the fullest, the promo offers a Free Safety Check-up and up to 20 percent discount on select Isuzu parts from April 17 to May 31, 2024.

The Summertastic Promo includes special discounts on parts critical for vehicle maintenance, famously encapsulated by the mnemonic BLOWBAGETS: Battery, Lights, Oil, Water, Brake, Air, Gas, Engine, Tires, and Shock Absorbers. The Isuzu Summertastic promo offers discounts on the following items below:
  • Battery – 10 percent discount
  • Lights and Bulbs – 20 percent discount
  • Oil (15W-40 multi-grade oil only) – 15 percent
  • Coolant – 15 percent
  • Brake Pads and Shoes – 20 percent
  • Aircon Filter – 20 percent
  • Fuel Filter – 20 percent
  • Engine Air Filter – 20 percent
  • Belt (tension-related parts) – 20 percent
  • Shock Absorber – 20 percent
We hope that through this promo, we can encourage our customers to avail of the free service check-up so that we can ensure that the safety and readiness of their vehicle. On top of that, enjoy these discounts before embarking on the summer road trips,” said Mr. Hodaka Matsuda, IPC Asst. Vice President for Aftersales.

These exclusive offers can be availed at any of the 48 authorized Isuzu dealerships across the country, applicable to all Isuzu models. This promo is not in conjunction with any other Isuzu promotions or discounts, ensuring that every customer has the opportunity to benefit from these outstanding offers.

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