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April 18, 2024

Did Mazda Just Run Out Of Design Ideas In Coming Up With The 2025 CX-80?

Mazda designers may have come up with head-turning designs in the past, but lately, we’re not really too sure. You could say that the bar started getting low when they revealed the North American market CX-70—essentially a CX-90 with a new bumper and the third-row seats removed. Now, it’s clear that they have lost all interest in coming up with differentiated designs with the three-row CX-80.

Now, don’t get us wrong—lengthening the CX-60 and adding a generous third-row does sound like a recipe for sales success, but couldn’t have designers added a bit more differentiation? As you can see, the CX-80 is visually cut from the same cloth as the CX-60. You could say it’s pretty much the same piece of cloth only plus-sized.

The difference, if you’re curious is seen in the rear part. The extended side windows feature thicker surrounds that are straighter at the D-pillar. It also has integrated roof rails as well.

Dimensionally, Mazda says the CX-80 has a 250 mm longer wheelbase to fit the third-row. It also happens to increase the space between the front and second row seats. Plus, it sits 26 mm taller for, you know, headroom. Width, however, is identical to the CX-60.

The added wheelbase means Mazda is able to fit a variety of seating configurations onboard the CX-80: a three-person bench seat, two captain’s seats with a walk-through space or two captain’s seats with a fixed center console. If it sounds familiar, it should. It’s pretty much the same configurations available on the current CX-8—a model which the CX-80 is designed to eventually replace.

In terms of colors, the CX-80 does offer two shades not offered in the smaller, sportier CX-60: Artisan Red and Melting Copper. Artisan Red is another color created with Mazda’s Takuminuri painting technology, while Melting Copper suggests light sandblasting to the surface of copper than has been melted and hardened again.

Powered by the same engines as the Mazda CX-60, the CX-80 comes the same 48-volt M Hybrid (Mazda Hybrid) powertrains. Available in both diesel and gasoline variants, it has a displacement of 3.3-liters and an inline-6 layout. Outputs are 284 horsepower and 450 Nm for the e-Skyactiv-G, and 254 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque for the e-Skyactiv-D. It is also offered with a PHEV powertrain.

The Mazda CX-80 goes on sale in Europe later this year with other markets such as Australia and Japan to follow. No word if it’ll be offered alongside the CX-90 in the Philippines.


  1. Design is subjective and debatable, to me Mazda's designs now are a step backward and not classy anymore but kinda boring for a premium market (at least in the country)

  2. Maybe more of cost cutting than lazy designers.

  3. Ngayon lang kayo?

    This has been always the case since 2016. Mazda cars look the same. Lazy design.

  4. Yeah, all Mazdas apart from the MX-5 all look the same

  5. Mazda’s cars are becoming stale. They were great when they first came out, but they just don’t wow me anymore.

  6. Personally, they still look far better than their competitors, design wise. Pictures do not do justice especially with their colors. Not sure why people are bashing them when luxury brands such as Lexus and Audi have the same look for years now as well.

    1. Hindi sanay mga pinoy sa cohesive design language hindi naman kasi kamukha ng vios ang corolla at ng mirage and montero noon. Meanwhile euro brands take pride in their design language to the point that people should easily recognize their cars even if those people have zero idea what the actual models are.

  7. Kahit carguide Australia same observation sa design medyo same same na. Pero problema ng mazda sa mga bago nila na rear wheel drive dami bad reviews sa transmissions and damping. Dami ng tsb ng cx60. Check it out for yourself. Pinoy nanaman nakita.


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