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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Mazda Reveals Replacement To Soul Red: Artisan Red Premium

Ten years after the launch of Soul Red Crystal, Mazda has revealed its possible replacement: Artisan Red Premium.

Set to be introduced in Mazda’s current line-up as well as upcoming members of the Large Product group (CX-60, CX-70, CX-80, CX-90), Artisan Red Premium is their fourth “Takuminuri” color—after Soul Red, Machine Gray, Platinum Quartz, and Rhodium White.

The underlying concept was to create a red found in mature red wine. Artisan Red Premium accentuates the strength and beauty of Mazda’s Kodo design form. It features a fine-grained transparent red shining brightly, while the dominant shade produces a profound depth and richness, rendering a high level of contrast.

Also, similar to Soul Red Crystal, Artisan Red Premium is comprised of three layers: a clear layer, translucent paint layer, and a reflective/absorptive layer.

For the translucent paint layer, a high-chroma pigment is employed that people perceive to be the reddest of reds, a pigment also used for the Soul Red Crystal. For the reflective/absorptive layer, Mazda applied a technology that more smoothly aligns aluminum flakes at regular intervals like Rhodium White. In addition, they improved on the jet-black pigment (like Machine Gray), which renders shade.

All in all, this combination of technologies developed over a period of 10 years conveys brightness in highlights produced by strong reflection and the richness of shades created as light is soundly absorbed so as to achieve a balance between transparency and a mature profoundness.

Do you like Mazda’s new trademark color?


  1. Mazda's red colors are strikingly beautiful yet elegant.

  2. This will be a good color option for titas.

  3. replacement? so soul red will be gone? this looks like a deeper darker shade of cherry red which classy unlike the sporty look soul red

    1. Mazda might be shifting its image to appeal to the older female demographics.

    2. No official stance from Mazda yet, but seems for larger models, it will replace Soul Red. If ever, Soul Red will continue for smaller vehicles (CX-5, Mazda3).


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