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Friday, November 11, 2022

Can The All-New Honda BR-V Beat Its Predecessor's Fuel Mileage Record?

Just when you thought Honda couldn’t squeeze any additional fuel efficiency from the BR-V, they’ve done something short of an engineering marvel. Officially, the bigger second-generation BR-V is more fuel efficient than the outgoing model.

Previously, the BR-V topped out at 24.5 km/L which is an amazing feat in its own right, considering the smaller Brio topped out at just 22.58 km/L. However, now, thanks to a fuel eco run sanction by the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP), the all-new 2023 BR-v managed to do 24.70 km/L! Now, in terms of percentage, that’s actually pretty negligible (less than 1 percent), but considering the added size and bulk of the 7-seater SUV as well as the high fuel prices nowadays, every drop counts.

If you’re wondering which 2023 BR-V managed that fuel economy rating, it’s actually the mid-grade 1.5 V CVT variant. For those opting for the top-the-line VX, it did 23.48 km/L, while the base 1.5 S CVT managed 22.61 km/L.

According to Honda Cars Philippines, the all-new 7-seater SUV was driven at a total distance of 128 kilometers with the following parameters:
  • No usage of cruise control
  • Driving with an average speed of 70 to 80 kilometers per hour
  • Low cool in thermostat setting, No. 1 for the blower setting
All variants of the all-new Honda BR-V are powered by the improved 1.5-liter DOHC i-VTEC engine mated to a CVT gearbox. All in all, this results in better power delivery and improved fuel efficiency.

“The second-generation BR-V aims to strengthen Honda’s model lineup to the next level. This all-new 7-seater ticks the right boxes in a family vehicle, it’s got the tough character of an SUV, advanced technology and safety features, power, and efficiency to deliver great satisfaction for both the driver and its passengers,” said Mr. Masahiko Nakamura, HCPI President.

The all-new Honda BR-V is on for its official Philippine launch this November 21, 2022. But for now, all authorized Honda dealerships across the country are taking in reservations at the following prices:
  • BR-V 1.5 S MT – P 1,100,000
  • BR-V 1.5 S CVT – P 1,190,000
  • BR-V 1.5 V CVT – P 1,300,000
  • BR-V 1.5 VX CVT Honda SENSING – P 1,390,000


  1. Not surprised. The engine/tranny combo was and still is the best in its class even despite newer competition; only the Stargazer comes close but still not as good. The improved CVT should just further widen the gap between it and its competitors. I hope they extensively worked on the ride comfort and especially the NVH because the outgoing model is absolutely horrible in that regard.

  2. Now how's the mileage with 7 persons inside? Isn't that why you're getting a 7-seater instead of just a 5-seater? Jeez, 1.4M for an AUV with a subcompact hatchback engine. 🙃

    1. RWD diesel powered AUVs are dead as Innova will be a FWD hybrid MPV now..PPV SUVs replaced the AUVs.

    2. So, will diesels die eventually soon?

    3. Kuchikoos just avoiding the issue I raised. No one mentioned the Innova here except the extraordinary special fanb0i.


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