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November 23, 2022

Mazda's Future Plans Include This EV Sportscar, Reduced Service Costs

After being late to the electrification game, Mazda has announced that it will roll out a USD 11-billion plan that will enable them to flexibly catch up on a global scale.

The first phase, which runs this year until 2024 will continue to see Mazda roll out vehicles with varying levels of electrification including mild-hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and full EVs globally. This includes the long-reported Mazda MX-30 R-EV—an electric vehicle with a rotary-engine range extender as well as the CX-80/CX-90.

From 2025 to 2027, Mazda will no longer be reliant on Toyota for its hybrid system. Instead, they will introduce their own version on the technology along with a barrage of new EV offerings to selected markets such as Europe and China. At this time, the company will have three platforms: the Small Product Group with their transverse engine layout in front- or all-wheel drive; the Large Product Group with its longitudinal engine layout in rear- or all-wheel drive; and a new EV platform dubbed Skyactiv Scalable EV Architecture. Among the four applications shown by Mazda of this platform, one could be a new EV sportscar previewed by the Vision Study Concept (see lead photo).

From 2028 to 2030, in conclusion of their mid-term business plan, they will roll out more EVs on a global scale and will invest in EV motors and, possibly, batteries. Realizing that the “joy of driving” remains an integral part of their DNA, Mazda will develop its own highly-efficient, highly-responsive electric drive units instead of using off-the-shelf solutions.

Mazda’s integral approach to vehicle manufacturing will also lead to a reduced supply procurement and production complexity. This will allow not only the reduction of overall emissions (Mazda wants all of its factories to be carbon neutral worldwide by 2035), but it will mean that future vehicles will have an optimized number of parts and a service structure which will become more cost-efficient to customers.

The mid-term business plan shows a stronger thrust in digitalization for a safer and more secure driving. Just like other carmakers, they are now setting a zero fatal accident goal in any new Mazda by 2040 with the use of automotive technologies. This is all part of their “Human Centered Philosophy” which is about unlocking the human potential.

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