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Monday, November 21, 2022

Ford Allows You To Load Really Long Things On The Next-Gen Ranger With This Clever Roof Rack

Though most Ranger owners in the Philippines won’t use the pickup bed to load long things, it’s good that Ford’s gone out of their way to design a rack system for those that do. With their new Flexible Rack System, the 2023 Ranger’s sport/fashion bar now turns into a versatile load rack that allows their pickup truck to carry longer items like surfboards, bicycles, or even a ladder.

Developed by a team of Ford Australia engineers, the patents pending design can be operated by just one person. It slides within a C-shaped channel mounted to the top of the load box sidewalls and can be locked in five different positions allowing for the secure support of different length items. A pop-up crossbar increases the height of the loading platform to match the Ranger’s Folding Roof Rack accessory.

The Ranger’s clever Folding Roof Racks feature crossbars that can be adjusted into two different positions and then stowed away within the roof rails when not being used.

Unlocking the Sliding Load Rack on one side automatically releases it on the other side, allowing the hoop to slide easily in the rails. A system of four roller bearings angled at a precise 37-degrees, retractable stabilizers and locks ensure easy movement when unlocked but prevent the Sliding Load Rack from moving when locked in position.

Because the cabin and load box of a pickup move independently of one another, the team engineered the Sliding Load Rack with a degree of compliance which means the 80-kilogram dynamic load limit applies on and off-road, while the static capacity is rated at up to 250-kilograms.

Ford says its Flexible Rack System will make its market debut in Australia first starting in 2023. It’s currently unknown whether it’ll be offered as genuine accessories or as part of a package in the future for the Philippine market.

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