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November 16, 2022

Toyota Offers A Glimpse Of 2023 Innova's Interior And It's Impressive

Toyota is continuing its ease for the all-new 2023 Innova. This time, the carmaker shows off what the interior looks like, and frankly, we’re impressed.

Previously, Toyota showed off the Innova’s front-end and silhouette. And while the design is largely evolutionary (you can’t do much with an MPV body style anyway), the series of teasers did confirm one big thing: that the MPV’s going hybrid.

Now, if that’s not enough to whet your appetite, Toyota has given us a glimpse of what would-be buyers could find inside the 2023 Innova, and it looks like it’ll be dropping its utilitarian roots.

Based on the teaser photo (see lead photo), the Innova is set to get its first-ever panoramic sunroof. Flanking the giant glass roof is ambient light that’s sure to add more class to the 7- or 8-seater MPV. Other clearly visible features include AC vents on the sides of the roof as well as adjustable height for the front seatbelts.

Though Toyota purposely shrouded it in darkness, the all-new Innova looks to gain a floating infotainment system as well as rear screens mounted at the back of the front row seats. For its launch market of Indonesia, a built-in dash cam seems to be part of its feature list as well.

Toyota’s to increase the luxury quotient of the Innova ties in nicely with its new positioning. The new MPV is expected to drop its rear-wheel drive body-on-frame design in favor of a front-wheel drive unibody construction. Also, it will be offered with what’s reportedly a electrified 2.0-liter motor for the very first time.

Officially, Toyota hasn’t mentioned when the all-new Innova would drop globally, but reports coming out of Indonesia suggests it’ll be sometime this week. According to one source, it’ll be priced starting at IDR 455 million (P 1.674 million) and will top out at IDR 600 million (P 2.20 million). By comparison, the current Innova tops out at IDR 494.4 million (P 1.81 million) over there.


  1. With diesel now much higher priced than gasoline, are PPV buyers now shifting to something else?

  2. Chinese MPV TOTL - 1.5M, New Innova TOTL - 2.2M.... Japanese overpriced again.

  3. 2.2 Million Pesos for a 2 liter Hybrid Q or V variant of the Innova Zenix?Good luck selling that!

    1. Nah, bet they still can selling a lot of this in Indonesia, both kijang and Innova name are legend in Indonesian automotive industry so as long as Toyota still using that name, it will selling a lot albeit not near the current Innova.

    2. Lulz. Why would you think it would be cheaper than the base model RAV2, hahaha. Fanb0i delusion again. This isn't a mass market model anymore. Toyota would be leaving a huge gap between 1.2M to 2.2M. Unless they take your brilliant advice and sell Fortuners & Grandias to UV Express operators. 🤡


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