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August 19, 2021

Meet Platinum Quartz Metallic, Mazda's Newest Special Color

Mazda is known for continuous experimentation when it comes to colors. After Soul Red (later revised to Soul Red Crystal), Machine Gray Metallic, and Polymetal Gray Metallic, Platinum Quartz Metallic is the newest unique shade to join their diverse palette.

Available initially on the refreshed Mazda CX-8 and Mazda2 in Japan, Platinum Quartz Metallic, with its hints of gold, is meant to convey a more luxurious feel—perfect for the brand’s climb towards the mainstream premium space.

Developed as soon as Polymetal Gray Metallic hit the market in 2019, Mazda’s color specialists worked on their next special color. They looked for inspiration in what they considered beautiful from burnt titanium to water to cosmetics. In the end, they went back to platinum.

Platinum was a color Mazda always considered. However, in the past, they felt that their cars didn’t have the elegance and sophistication to match the golden shade. But now that Mazda’s vehicle designs have evolved, it was time to re-think platinum. But even then, it was difficult to make it a standout color.

Mazda explains that if color and luster are suppressed—for a “calmer” effect—it results in a weaker contrast. This wasn’t what their designers wanted. Thus, they combined the metallic luster (and hints of gold) in platinum with the translucent texture and quality of quartz. Platinum Quartz Metallic was born.

Taking learnings from Polymetal Gray Metallic and its gradual changes in color, lightness, and shading, Platinum Quartz Metallic combines both aluminum and mica (pearlescent flakes) that gently changes the brightness, while still having a solid warm gold color underneath. And just like Soul Red Crystal and Machine Gray Metallic, the reflective aluminum flakes are arranged at a certain angle and use the same Takuminuri painting process and Mazda’s two-layer coating.

Platinum Quartz Metallic will no doubt spread to more Mazda vehicles in the near future, and with that, their color specialists are looking for their next special color. Why? Apart from design, Mazda considers color to be an important part to increase its appeal and emotional connection with its customers. With that, their color specialists have challenged themselves to create new colors that have never been seen before.


  1. I like it. I searched this as soon as I heard they were bringing it to the 2022 Mazda3 here in the USA.

    1. It is available for the Mazda3 (see lead photo in this story):

      It should be made available for the US soon.

  2. I want the silvermetall8c back.

  3. Bring back Sonic Silver

  4. Now available in Australia in the CX5, I just traded my CX5 GT for a new 2024 GT Turbo in this colour. About a 1 month wait


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