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August 18, 2021

The CTEK CS Free Allows You To Charge Your Car's Battery Safely Without Power Cables

Time to cut the cables. CTEK Philippines announces the availability of the CS Free—the world’s first fully portable battery charger and maintainer that boosts the charge of flat or discharged battery in a matter of minutes.

Compared to portable jump starters which can damage a modern car’s complex electronics if “jumped” incorrectly, the CTEK CS Free is safe so it avoids damaging the car or its in-car electronics by just giving the discharged battery the power it needs to get going.

The CTEK CS Free also comes with their proprietary Adaptive Boost technology allowing it to analyze the state of the battery. It will then work out the safest and quickest way to give it the power it needs to start up. The charging process is normally done within 15 minutes, but a countdown function shows how much time’s left before the battery’s full charged making things even simpler.

And like other CTEK battery chargers, the CTEK CS Free can also be used to maintain a 12-volt battery, keeping them in peak condition even when there’s no 220-volt power socket nearby.

The 66-wh internal battery stays fully charged until it’s needed—for up to a year. And in case it needs to be topped up, it can be charged up using the included USB-C cable in just one hour.

It’s suitable for all types of 12-volt lead acid and lithium batteries be it for motorbikes, cars, leisure vehicles, and vans.

Designed with a tough and durable case, the IP54-rated (dust protected and water resistant) portable CTEK CS Free can also act as a power bank thanks to its USB-A and USB-C ports.

The CTEK CS Free is now available for P 25,000 at CTEK Philippines’ LazMall store (click here for the direct link).

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