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August 25, 2021

This Unique Track Day Allows You To Participate In A Police Chase

For those who find regular track days boring, here is something that might spice things up.

UK-based has come up with a program where grown up kids can play real life cops and robbers by driving in simulated police pursuits—the same ones popularized in TV shows, movies, and even video games.

This unique driving experience is as immersive as it gets, and lets adults take on the role of a fugitive trying to escape from the arms of the law behind the wheel of either a Porsche Boxster or Mazda MX-5. They are pursued by a Dodge Charger V8 Police Interceptor—all done in the safe surroundings of the large airfield in Hertfordshire.

This cops and robbers experience includes 10 minutes of track-paced sighting laps teaching basic racing lines and even procedures for the arrest, followed by 15 minutes of police pursuit action.

And despite the power deficit the Boxster and the MX-5 have over the Charger, says that it’s not just about outright speed. The course emphasizes clever decision making, driving skills, and fast reactions.

The price for this unique track day starts at £138 (P 9,449) and tops out at £99 (P 13,557).

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