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August 13, 2021

Tough Luck If You're A Gray Market Ford Bronco Owner: Your Roof Is Melting And You Can't Do Anything About It

Here’s one legitimate reason why you should never go with gray market imports: possible recalls. Sure, most of these recalls are software related and can be fixed with a simple update, but sometimes it’s down to big hardware. Such is the case with the new Ford Bronco and its “melting” roof.

Ford says they need to replace the roof on all Bronco SUVs built to date. The molded-in color hardtops on both two- and four-door models will have an “unsatisfactory appearance” when exposed to extreme water and humidity (that’s pretty much Philippine weather right there).

The Bronco’s roof supplier, Webasto has found microscopic imperfections in the roof which affect its appearance, although they don’t seem to affect its watertightness. In fact, Ford has remained committed to its supplier despite the issue.

Roof issues will lead to a further delay in Bronco production with those slated for a 2021 production pushed back to next year. That said, Ford says they will protect the pricing making sure prices stay constant until 2023.

Meanwhile, Ford will prioritize the roof replacement on older Broncos first. Well, that is if your Bronco is located in North America. For Philippine buyers who went the gray market roof, tough luck. You’ll probably have to beg Ford Philippines to ship you a roof (that’s not going to happen) or order a replacement roof yourself and ship it here, likely at a hefty price. Either way, you’ll end up having to drive around with a blotchy roof while you reflect on why you went gray market in the first place.

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