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May 28, 2019

What Makes Mazda's New Polymetal Gray Metallic Different?

From Soul Red Crystal Metallic to Machine Gray Metallic, Mazda has used color to fully express their design. With the arrival of the all-new 2019 Mazda3, the Japanese automaker has done it again and this time, they’ve come up with an entirely new shade called Polymetal Gray Metallic.

As a refresher, both Soul Red Crystal and Machine Gray Metallic use highly-reflective aluminum flakes laid down precisely in order to create depth. In the case of Soul Red Crystal, it was to create a substantially deeper and more vivid red, while for Machine Gray Metallic, it’s to create a realistic metallic look. With Polymetal Gray Metallic though, Mazda’s intentions were slightly different.

With the Elevated KODO Design emphasizing the interplay between light and shadow, Polymetal Gray Metallic is specially designed to maximize this effect. Developed solely for the 5-door hatchback, this new shade expresses the “hard feeling of metal” at areas where light strikes and the “unique luster of resin” in areas where it doesn’t. This ever-changing light/shadow expression is what Mazda says gives this shade an entirely different personality compared to previous colors.

The best part? It looks like buyers won’t need to pay extra for Polymetal Gray Metallic, great news since the two previous trademark colors carried a premium.


  1. How about making the paint a bit thicker Mazda?

    1. It might actually be thicker than Soul Red or Machine Gray. Those two colors require a thinner layer of aluminum flakes to get the effect right.

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  3. How well does Poly metal Grey metallic maintain its brilliance after a couple winters?


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