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May 29, 2019

PIAA Silicone Wipers is the First Safety Upgrade I Invested In

Wipers aren’t sexy and chances are, when you buy one you won’t be running around in excitement. Despite its important role in improving safety, most wait for a downpour to recognize that their wipers are cracked and tattered, and need changing.

This is something I myself realized with my new Mazda CX-5. Like most modern automobiles, they’re equipped with beam-style wipers. Doing away with a traditional frame, they instead use a spring-steel band allowing the wiper to conform to the curvature of the windshield. Sadly, I also find them highly susceptible to Manila’s harsh heat.

Since it soaked up the summer sun, as soon as I used the wipers for the first time, they chattered which made the premium driving experience of the CX-5 feel less-than-luxurious. Realizing it’s just going to get worse, I went ahead and invested on a pair of PIAA Silicone wipers.

PIAA Silicone wipers have silicone and graphite particles embedded in the wiper itself. As it’s used, it creates a water repellent barrier on the glass surface causing water drops to bead, similar to having a well-waxed car. In addition to the silicone’s water repellent properties, the graphite material has lower friction than natural rubber guaranteeing a smooth wiping action.

What’s more, PIAA Silicone wipers are said to last up to twice as long as natural rubber ones. In internal tests, after subjected to 100-degree Celsius heat for more than 100 hours, the PIAA Silicone wipers maintained its sharp, clean edge compared to the competition. This negates the need to lift the wiper blades during the summer.

PIAA offers three kinds of silicone wipers: Traditional (Super Silicone), Hybrid (Aero Vogue), and Flat/Beam-Style (Si-Tech). Because the second-generation CX-5 uses the new “cartridge-type” beam-style wipers found in newer Mazda, Subaru, and Lexus automobiles, the frameless Si-Tech is the only one that’ll fit.

Costing less than P 3,000 for a pair, the PIAA Silicone wipers give a first good impression. Compared to the stock wiper blade, it’s noticeably thicker and more robust in construction. It also comes with five connectors and adapters and a windshield prep pad.

Replacing the wipers on cars fitted with traditional J-hook wipers are straightforward because the Si-Tech arrives with that connector pre-installed. However, for newer vehicles like the CX-5, it’s important that the PIAA Silicone wiper must come with the “F Connector” since this is the one you’ll need to fit the Japanese cartridge-type wipers. A bit more dismantling is needed, but if you’re used to following LEGO assembly instructions, wiper replacement shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

It’s funny, but after installing the PIAA Silicone wipers on my CX-5, I’m actually looking forward to a bit of rain to thoroughly test them out. In the weeks since its install, there have been some midday showers, but not enough to cause serious visibility impairment. Regardless, because of PIAA Silicone wipers’ water beading properties, quality construction, and longer durability, I feel like I’m more than ready to face the rainy season head-on.

PIAA Silicone Wipers are available at select automotive accessories shop. Interested parties can also contact or inquire over at their official Facebook page or through 63 917 575 4812.

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